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  1. This is sad and heart breaking to say the least, but Scott and Rich are right. I think it's safe to say the game was a disaster, but I hope it doesn't deter Brit. He has indeed shown himself to be a great programmer dedicated to his work. But reality check he also has to make a living. Perhaps he can join a major publisher and create and clone game just like this one. The game is fantastic both in concept and practice, it just needs the right execution.
  2. As Rich said, please provide a link where you got the information that the AI is all seeing. Game Options: (Notice FoW is set to BOTH sides)
  3. I have GG's War in the East and the AI is not "All seeing" However there are options in the preferences that can be set so that you can have FoW but the AI doesn't and vice-versa. While it can be set, the AI isn't "all seeing." Please know what you are talking about before making comments about other games. And I'm sorry to hear about Empires of Steel. I think the main issues are: 1)The game did not receive enough spotlight before and after release. 2)The game was a bit expensive on release, and thus the high price clouded the release and the reviews of the game.(Well I think the game is worth it) 3)Battlefront's DRM before you removed it. 4)The fact that everyone is comparing it to the old Empires Deluxe game, so people are finding faults with EoS which really are moot because I find EoS a completely new and different game. 5)No Expansions 6)The game is not on any of the major digital distributors. Steam, Impulse, and others were only reason 'AI War' became popular in the first place.
  4. Thank You Brit! This should pull in some sales from those who don't like BFC's DRM model.
  5. Sweet! If you can get the game up on Gamers Gate you can have two sources for sales.
  6. Odd. I've seen some pretty old, and even more complicated games put on D2D and other distribution sites. You only gave it a week. Nuff' said.
  7. It's called STEAM. http://store.steampowered.com/ STEAM STEAM STEAM STEEEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMM STEAM STEAM STEAM. I will spell t out for you: S-T-E-A-M What does that spell? STEAM!!!
  8. This is why I hate eLicense. This DRM is another factor in why this game isn't getting popular. Having to License and unlicensed the game to just to play it. It's a hassle, and it doesn't do anything to stop the pirates, it just inconveniences the legit customer. While I love this game and support you Brit, eLicense has to go. Sorry for my rant. I'm in the same Boat as the OP, my last laptop died on me and I couldn't unlicense it so now I'm down a License.
  9. Brit, It would be great to have more official rulesets. You have the 'grand' ruleset that has all units, then a 1940 ruleset. You should make an Official 1917, 1970, 2010 and 2050 ruleset. This way we can just play with units of a certain era. For example, I would love to use future units without having to go through the trouble of research.
  10. Yes, this has been happening for awhile, but I just had enough.
  11. Pretty much, I never really look at any fine details. All I know is that after I game gets going I get a CTD. The only game I've actually been able complete was only because I saved and went back to game before it could CTD(I guess) Now it's just getting irritating though. EDIT: StellarRat....My Nvidia drivers are the latest, I just updated them 2 weeks ago. Not sure about sound card though. I'm currently using a Geforce Go 7400(Laptop)
  12. Whenever I get into a good game, randomly in the game I click on something then all of a sudden the game slows and then CTD. I'm using the latest version, with the last game I played where it crashed I was using the new quick start function, using Medium sized map and Romanian flag.
  13. lol, I'm just going by what I've seen so far with other indie developers. Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor - Tripware themselves have stated they would be no where without steam. Because of Steam, pretty much any PC Gamer I've seen knows about this game. Arcen Games' AI War: Fleet Command - x4000, the head developer's codename, has now sold thousands of copies of AI War, released an expansion and the recent Puzzle game Tidalis. He started from scratch. Now, largely because of the grown popularity on Steam, he now pays his salary including his team, and even recently hired a graphics artist. Oh, and after this: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/4696/ Battlefront has no excuse not to let you put EoS on Steam.
  14. Please release this on Steam. Ask any indie developer who used steam and ask how much their games have grown and gained popularity. You NEED Steam. I can't stress this enough. If you release this on steam I will personally get on a plane just come and say thank you in person. YOU NEED STEAM. edit: on a side note, the entire Theatre of War series was just recently released on Steam. That is a popular Battlefront game. I don't see why you can't. Did I mention the fact that YOU NEED STEAM?
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