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  1. While it's downloading, of course I had to try one more time. Naturally, it didn't work. grrrrrrrrrrr Know I had it to 3.11 on an old machine. Killing me that I can't even get it to that point. Still downloading...
  2. I'll give that a shot. 14 hours, with no resume! Man, I hope this works. Just went Crazy (-er) yesterday. All day. SO frustrating. Really thought it was going to work the old way, that I found on here.
  3. I'll try that then. Getting to dl now. Will take a while, slow speed. You said "any other modules". All the modules (Commonwealth, Market, etc.) OR only the two modules after the 3.0 update (Vehicles, Battlepack)?
  4. But, I've been reading this: 7- if you have the original 3.0 Upgrade (i.e. not the 10GB all-in-one), install it now but do not activate yet. 8- install the v3.11 patch downloaded from Battlefront.com. If you do not have the Vehicle Pack then activate using your 3.0 Upgrade license key. Using any other key will result in a failed activation. 9- if you have the Vehicle Pack, install it now and then activate using the license key for the Pack. 10- at this point reinstallation is complete. Future patches can be applied without reactivation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I DO have the Vehicle Pack, but when I follow this, I get all kinds of unknown format (for the serial) and/or wrong serial number prompts. Bought and have 3.12, but can't get past 3.11 to even attempt 3.12. Why is this so difficult? What am I missing? I can get it to 2.12 just fine. Stupidly, all my modules are in pieces, so I have to do it the hard way. If I would have know, I would have just waited a few years and got the 10 GB installer that I've read about. This is ridiculous. It specifically says not to activate the 3.0 upgrade. (yeah, sorry I'm hot---been messing with this all day. The whole procedure shouldn't be this hard.) SO, what's going wrong here?
  5. Oh yeah! I can't activate it either. Same "There was a problem connecting to the activation servers" notice. Has to be something on Battlefront's end. Everything was fine until this update.
  6. Keep losing select next unit, select previous unit, and 3d unit quality commands---in game. They're in the hotkeys text file, they just don't work in game. A previous solution was to rebind and save the keys. That doesn't work. How do I get these commands back for in-game use? Thanks.
  7. Just installed this game. Got the error 0xc0000018 with "unable to start correctly". Then shutdown. Ideas? Thanks.:confused:
  8. No matter what I load (saved game, new battle, etc.), the camera just moves, presumably North. Can alter the height, just can't get it to stop. Can turn the camera, but it just moves to the top of the screen, regardless of anything I do. Can't zoom, can't tab to unit. Nothing. Had a similar problem in the past and the solution was to set/reset some of the key bindings (of all things). Tried that this time, but to no avail. Obviously, impossible to play. Ideas? Thanks. Oh, if this helps: CMBN, CW, MG, v. 2.1.2
  9. Nine times now. Have tried switching browsers. Tried different download managers. Wonder if they gave me the wrong code number? Really 'ticking' me off. Have seen a lot of other problems here, but at least they got it to download to find out. This is a crock. Any ideas I'm not thinking of would be appreciated.
  10. I've tried five times to download Market Garden. Says "Unknown Network Error" each time! Tried with a download manager, and without. Even shut off my AV once! Closest I got was within 3 seconds of completion. Ideas? Thanks.:mad:
  11. The regular keys act like they're going to work (zoom in quickly) but then pops right back out to where it was. Hey, thanks---it worked. I didn't change any keys, just put in a few of the same ones. Strange but effective.
  12. What I meant was: no mods. Was trying to remember if I had put in user-created scenarios. Don't have any of those either. Was going to re-install it, found all of the patches and addons, so of course, can't find the base game currently. Really didn't want to go to that extreme though.
  13. Bought the 2.0 upgrade a while back. Been way too busy with RL. Finally got to start a new one(s) tonight. However, it won't stay zoomed in! Not with the key commands, numbers or the mouse. All I get is overhead view, no zoom, no Tab, nothing. Any ideas? Very perplexed here. Thanks.
  14. While you have your heart (and code) open, could you add some way we can tell (AI) enemies to leave our territory/inside borders? They like to just park a lot of ships in my areas, but get all snippy if I accidently even clip one of their borders. Just an idea. Thanks.
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