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  1. I noticed a couple of minor bugs with the map in China, AoD, 1939 World at War senario: 322,81 --- fortification not set to destroy on over run. 322,81 --- missing rail line between Peking and Paotow here. cheers
  2. Groannn. Thx for reply Moon. Yes- I have Norton IS :?
  3. I am very frustrated. EoS refuses to start on my computer. I have tried everything I can think of to get it working, reinstalling, running as admin, installing as admin, shutting off Norton Av, running in xp compatability mode, updating, turning off dep. Nothing works. Running the exe results in a momentary blink of the desk top icon and then nothing. any ideas on solutions would be apprieciated. Vista ultimate 64 bit OS
  4. OH YEAH , One more thing. I usually make a copy of the two files and then rename(MyModBlahBlah or noromanianships..whatever) them before I edit them. Then open and mess with that file so as not to screw up the orignal.
  5. CSS, run the editor. Go to the File selection at top left of screen. Click on Open. It should open to your campaign folder. Look for the file, "European Theather.cgn" Open that file. ( NOT the "_European Theather") Above the map is a line of icons. Mouse over to find the units one. Click on that. There are 2 things you can do, add a unit, ( the selection for that looks like a pencil icon), and edit a unit, (that is the icon to the left, it looks like a square), CLICK on that if not already clicked. Move to the unit you want to delete and right click om it. Select "Delete" You can use the Undo if you spaz All that said, I think Thrawn may be close to finishing a new version of his Mod.
  6. Honch, IrfanView might help you. I'm no expert in its use but you might want to look at it. I find it handy once and a while. http://www.irfanviewpack.com/ [ November 20, 2007, 05:45 PM: Message edited by: tenryu ]
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