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  1. woofie, 'slowly' is pretty much the reason I chose to stop editing BOF missions. Edit a bit, test it, quit BOF, load mission editor, edit a bit, etc. -- not telling you anything new I guess. Nevertheless, the game still has potential and -- as someone already pointed out correctly -- some great replayability. If you find the time to create some serious mission, I am sure I'll be taking a look at them, woofie. Good luck!
  2. woofie, there is some documentation in your T72BOF directory (dir. 'docs'? Cannot remember). Although it is useful to a certain extent, you will also have to learn by trial and error. I for my part took and analyzed standard missions I knew well (from playing) to see how things work. Try modifying these, start with small things (add units to groups, add triggers etc.), modify even more, etc. Good luck!
  3. That de facto wasn't his question, but it answered it, however: There's only one vision amplifier -- the green one
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