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  1. This also might be interesting for full-release, so i am remembering that there are only a several numbers you are allowed to download it
  2. Hey, just wanted to say: if you have downloaded you demo turn off norton security (or whatever you have) before you open the .exe if not norton gonna "eat" it and you have to download it again. Poor story if have dsl lite (downloading with 45 kb/s)
  3. Problem: If you Squad dies (or some Soldier) you will see that there are enemies (where they died) because they have picked up the weapons!!! My opinion is to use it that way it is ^^
  4. i am not asking them i am asking all of you. mr and mrs negative was just wondering that there are questions about issues i couldnt have ever been imagine but noone talks about release date. in the end it could ends like CM:Campaigns (which was my most wanted game ever)
  5. Hey guys, after CM:C was cancelled i haven,t visited this site for a long while. I was really surprised a few weeks ago when i saw the new CM title, also i wait for a damn release date! Read here somewhere about February 2011 but nothing official. After playing CM:BB for years i was really disappointed from CM:SF (and its not this disappointment on a high level like SC2 or God of War 3 or or or, it was a HUGE disappointment, just my opinion) and also hope for a return to the old system (and of course play a REAL conflict, not watching how bugs get smashed by a small child, know that only way you can win/survive is that case the child miss you) So please, bring out this game, SOOON or let us know when it happens
  6. Well , i play CoH - its not really relistic but still funny and challenging in MP. Regretly i,m totally disappointed of SF and wont buy any more of this part, 40 bucks were already to much (just played till 1.08) - imagine a CM3 WW2 in CoH graphic ... heh , ok time to stop dreaming and get serious ^^ hope CMC is coming soon and if not there is still Resident Evil 5 or Empires oder Starcraft 2 ...Battlefront is doing a big mistake ... how i feel ... nah hope the betatester give soon the green light (even more i hope there is a beta) ^^
  7. bring this **** out ! NOW !!!! **** on scenarios , we will made them on our selves !!! want finally play this game !!!!!!!!!!
  8. it,s dead ^^ i go and play Close Combat 5 with the Stalingrad mod .... i,ve waited so long and in the end all we get was a really disappointig Shock Force ... SC2 , DOW2 , Empire all this games are coming and we don,t even get a few new pictures of CC ... i call this a **** public relation. i,m out of here good luck and have fun guys (i,m not the first and not the last ...maybe some people should thing what they do... espicially what the don,t do ...)
  9. runs no good p2 2.6 ghz 1gb ram x800 gto this sucks ...
  10. this sounds like we get the game less buggy than medieval 2 it still is
  11. this sucks .... let us know something
  12. any new news ????? something like: how s beta going ? ... com on guys we are starving , slowly but but we are
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