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  1. Dear Tarkus At first I want to say thank you. I use your Great Dark Steel and Dirty Olive Interface. Your sence is great. Your interface give me better feeling than original. I want to put that I love WW2 style game. If someone make modern realistic game, it will be someting sci-fi feeling game. Of cause I agree it is not sci-fi. I have feeling that CM type game is much fit CC2 or pre ww2 than modern battle field things. I think only so. 'dangerous new form of weapon' is only pretext.
  2. Dear Sirs CMx2 plans today's battle field. So I introduce you today's new weapons and of- cause you have to include CMx2's moderun battle field version, do you. This is the site about it. http://uk.oneworld.net/article/view/136518/1/5795 and video news. http://www.rainews24.it/ran24/inchieste/video/guerre_stellari_english.wmv Maybe CMx2 team wants to make very realistic modern battle field things. You have to put these weapons into CMx2 modern battle field version. I hate modern battle field version games. It mean that these games become something sci-fi game. If you want to make real game about modern battle fields, you will have to include the game these sci-fi feeling weapons. What do you thing about it ? You CMx2 modern type game team and prefering these gamers want to make very real things, don't you. I'm glad to hear that you have plan to make CMx2 WW2 version.
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