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  1. Dear Tarkus At first I want to say thank you. I use your Great Dark Steel and Dirty Olive Interface. Your sence is great. Your interface give me better feeling than original. I want to put that I love WW2 style game. If someone make modern realistic game, it will be someting sci-fi feeling game. Of cause I agree it is not sci-fi. I have feeling that CM type game is much fit CC2 or pre ww2 than modern battle field things. I think only so. 'dangerous new form of weapon' is only pretext.
  2. Dear Sirs CMx2 plans today's battle field. So I introduce you today's new weapons and of- cause you have to include CMx2's moderun battle field version, do you. This is the site about it. http://uk.oneworld.net/article/view/136518/1/5795 and video news. http://www.rainews24.it/ran24/inchieste/video/guerre_stellari_english.wmv Maybe CMx2 team wants to make very realistic modern battle field things. You have to put these weapons into CMx2 modern battle field version. I hate modern battle field version games. It mean that these games become something sci-fi game. If you want to m
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