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  1. Well these games were going to be gifts for my nephews. Trying to bring in new recruits, god forbid that. So I bought them Dragon age, Skyrim, and Borderlands 1 and 2 each. And they will love them and not learn strategic command.
  2. Playing the Allies I have a British HQ in Alexandria supply 5 and two hexes away a unit in the fortification at El Alamien is supply 3? The Axis come up fart and my unit dies. It should be a supply of six?
  3. Cat of Call Highlander, I am sorry you at once dived to the low Troll road. I own ALL of the SC series from number one. I have purchased duplicate copies of most all of them at full retail to give my friends. As my younger relatives get old enough to play I look forward to perhaps getting them as gifts to those whom, may or may not take to them. As I am near retirement age I do try to be wise with my money. Buying a gam or bundle on sale for some one who is new to this would be a better investment, than the sure bet of someone wanting to play these whom I have already bought for. By my own personal count I have bought 38 Battlefront games and copies over the years. I hope you can reflect on your self imposed moral high ground as it does not reflect where I stand. But if we do not make a means to expand our niche game players it will die out. Merry Christmas to you!
  4. ALL other game companies have Christmas sales, I am saddened that battlefront has NONE!
  5. When does it begin? I wish to give away strategic command to some friends
  6. Hairy I have been a fan of this series since SC1 , however I find the Mods to be the absolute contributions to this excellent system! Big Al has made some superb mods in as well as Kurt Eichorn!
  7. The game is great the Mods make the game!!!!!
  8. I am crying!!! It is such a great MOD , SC3 will take a bit to come out will it not? I live for mods like yours!
  9. Your Mod Brute Force is the paint of a classic that the canvas of this game engine provides!
  10. Aoc is by itself a masterpiece. Just saying.
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