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  1. I have noticed that the dropships are much easier to shoot down than they used to be - unless I micro-manage the bots they tend to get shot down alot and I run out of drop ships. One time after I ran out of dropships, I tried inserting a Viper, but I could not insert it outside of the deployment zone. I think it should be able to be inserted outside the deployment zone - being able to fly itself. I could insert it in the deployment zone, but then it would appear at ground level and quickly get immobilized (ie by colliding with the ground and flipping over).
  2. I was playing about 6 hours ago and the input was extremely sticky/laggy. My opponent (who was elsewhere) was having the same problem. Also just before the end of a game the bots would get very talkative.
  3. Thanks for the tip - that would be 6am Monday morning in Australia, could be an interesting way to start the week
  4. It might be good to have an option like 'I want to play a game' where other players can see how many people want to play game. If someone joins a server people with that setting can be alerted about it and be more likely to join the game. Might require a bit of work on the server side I guess... I miss those days (around when the public test was being done) when we would often get many players and fierce battles. Those were the days that I would sometimes not get to bed till 10am..
  5. Unfortunately at the moment at times there are not quite enough people playing on the servers to provide the required critical mass for really good gameplay. Let me request/suggest for a little utility that runs in the background of windows/linux/OsX which alerts the user of what servers are available and how many people are on them. Hopefully this will decrease the critical mass required for readily available multiplayer games as well as really exciting games with many players and fun teamwork :cool:
  6. It thats that with the various updates it takes more HE to take out a tower now. In a recent game it took me about 50 76mm HE, 10 120mm HE, and some 20mm HE in order to do it. The 120mm HE seems stronger than the 76mm HE compared with earlier versions.
  7. I used to have some problems with crashes which were sometimes preceded by strange video effects. I then updated the drivers to my video card, and all these problems disappeared.
  8. Jammers and the Hermes are the best way of not getting seen in this game, both in offence, and offensive defence. To see where the enemy is, why not take the Viper for a ride?
  9. More a bug to do with the updating process than 1.0 per se. I ran 0.9.93 and it prompted me for an update and I clicked Yes. It downloaded about 400 files, it seemed like 1.0 was being downloaded. When I quit and restarted I got a Windows error message with the message that it couldn't fine elicen40.dll. I noticed elicen40.dll was in the DropTeams's directory and when I copied it to the bin subdirectory I got a nice little prompt with a spiel and a box for the licence key etc. So it would be wise for the Update to place the dll in the bin subdirectory so it works. Due to the potential addictive nature of DropTeam and work commitments/life, I think I'll be waiting until Combat Mission Campaigns is pretty much done before I start playing DropTeam v1.0.0
  10. Congratulations on 0.9.90!
  11. After the previous post I had a play for a little while before Famite stopped responding. The increased limitation on various units will make things very interesting! :cool: Look forward to playing it more! Better be careful with that Hurricane!
  12. I saw the post and did an update to 0.9.90. Still some serious ZoneAlarm issues I am afraid. If you are a ZoneAlarm user, you have to set the program control back to ticks for the relevant things (I did them all) otherwise there is a crash on initialisation which means I must reset the computer. On initialiasation it stopped doing anything (presumably because of ZoneAlarm creating a prompt that you cannot see because DropTeam is taking over the display. I was able to get the Task Manager on the second head (I don't think I could get the task manager otherwise) but wasn't able to kill the task or the process. After setting the Program Control settings in ZoneAlarm to 'allow' for DropTeam, things worked and was able to init DropTeam, get a list of servers, and briefly log in to server at the end of the game without problems. I then quit to do this post. It is lucky I suspected it was ZoneAlarm causing the problem.
  13. I can't help but wonder how big infantry will appear considering how large the vehicles are. At the moment the paladins back doors look like they could fit at least two fire teams (although the spec on the website says only one).
  14. I took over a bot in an Apollo KC-H as Water on Arpinum Station on the ice map. It said I was firing AP but HEAT was getting depleted and I was blowing up bots with HEAT. When I pressed = it changed to HE and displayed the ammo type correctly. I think I was in a Hermes before I took over the bot.
  15. I'm already plotting on ways for infantry to be used for securing drop locations...
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