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  1. was there ever a mentin of an "approx" release date for SC2? (I'm not asking for a release date but just an approx time oif when it supposed to be released).
  2. I too would alos like to hear of a "tentative date". I am planning on buying a WWII game. Not sure if it's going to be War in the Pacific, HOI2, SC or something else. I want something that covers the Europeon war in detail....does SC do this? And on what scale (large, huge, small)? I mean, how big are the maps? Thanks. By the way, SC2 looks (and from what I read so far) just amazing.
  3. 3 - SC covers the European theatre only, so no world domination or other continents. SC2 will only cover the ETO as well. On the SC2 website it says in their FAQ; "So are you saying that I can also make a Pacific Theater campaign if I want to? Yes! So are you saying that I could even make an entire WW2 “whole world” campaign, too? YES! :)" I know that you meant the core game but at least mods can be made for this. SC2 looks EXACTLY what I am looking for.
  4. OK, I did some searches on the forum but didn't really find the answer I was looking for. I have never played SC before so I have a few questions about it. So please pateint with me. My goal is to find a war game that I cannot beat in one week. If it takes months for me to beat it (assuming I play it for 5 hrs perweek or so) I am just fione with that. Thats what I want. 1)- Is there a tme limit on the game? For ex: if the player doesn't win at a certain time (say by 1945) does the game automatically end? 2)- Are there any mods to the game such as graphical, unit skins, ECT and assuming there is a "time limit" in the game, is there one to take that out? 3)- Does SC allow for world domination? For ex: if I play as the US can I attack South America and claim their territory? If not, is there a mod that will allow for that? 4)- Does SC allow for different diplomacy in nations? Can I control production, ploitics, ECT of my country? 5)- How does this game compare to HOI 2? (Please don't flame me for this one...) OK, thanks. I appreciate any help I get in advance.
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