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  1. Mr.Peng; I'm afraid some of your disciples have taken my false insults as serious. What should I do? I tried the when in Rome aproach but their sense of humor seems to only apply to spouses and Kinhiggys or whatever word is substitued for knights for whatever reason. I at least figured out what your sig says at first glance friend!
  2. No need to have a comittee meeting friends! Would anyone like to play PBEM sometime?
  3. Or if no one minded; perhaps the two of you could "cyber" right here in this thread. That would be one way to get me to leave here in a hurry!
  4. She-it; why are you not preparing a home cooked meal for your desperate house wife? He does not come off as a happy camper at all. Perhaps he needs more attention from you that does not take place on the internet.
  5. I stopped into to say hello to Mr.Peng, not to converse with Horam the Forgotten.
  6. Well I can see why Mr.Peng has his name up in the lights and Hiram the forgotten has yet to make it into the liner notes.
  7. This is a PBEM thread from what I gather and may be looking for a game. Who are you to say anything Hiram? You are not a moderator; why do you seek authority so much? Do you need it to feel validated friend? Has anyone ever told you that you are as fair and balanced as Bill O'Reily Hirman?
  8. Looks like some bunny has indulged himself by drinking a cask of Too-Tonic! Mr.Peng; it is a pleasure to make your aquaintence friend! I strongly urge you to Sean; I mean be gay. Even more. Happy.
  9. Greetings Mr.Peng! What an honor to meet the man behind the curtain at last friend! Or is that Sean; this thread is all so confusing!
  10. Greetings friends! I think we all have a certain amount of praise for this man who was brilliant in making an instant classic out of SC! Hubert good sir; you have my gratitude! I am sure others feel the same way; please post about it friends!
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