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  1. Thanks guys, that was it! I was looking around for something like that but couldn't find it with my old eyes.... reading glasses help but sometimes I need a magnifying glass also Thanks again, cheers
  2. HI all, been a long time fan of CM, played a lot of CMBB and CMAK around 2002-2005. Hard to believe it was so long ago. I finally got a PC that would run the new engine and bought Final Blitzkrieg about three weeks ago, been having a lot of fun and sinking a lot of time into it. However, the mouse has stopped operating the camera. It still moves the cursor around, all the buttons seem to work, just can't move the camera with the mouse. I've tried a wired one as well as my usual wireless, same result. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Rob
  3. BTW Kingfish, that was too funny, I got a good chuckle out of that
  4. Okay, here's the links, the first file is the movie, watch Lt. Bertrams, at the end of the turn he unbuttons and is hit. In the next turn, the orders turn, you can see he's apparently recovered rather nicely. http://rapidshare.de/files/11463868/CMAK_TigerValley_058.txt.html http://rapidshare.de/files/11464024/CMAK_TigerValley_060.txt.html And the password is bobhorn
  5. What do you mean, post the file? Where, and how? Or, I'd be glad to mail the two turns and the password to you if you'd like..., back to work for right now though.
  6. Been playing Tiger Valley PBEM, and forgot I guess to un- and re-button my Tigers. My genius Elite Tiger TC unbuttons toward the end of the round, 3 seconds later a shot rings out, the TC screams, the crew stats show 4ok,1 cas, "shocked", the turn ends. Next turn, it's still "shocked", but the crew count is 5?!?!? Anybody ever see this before?
  7. Thanks all, especially Abteilung, and Omi, for pointing out what should have been obvious to me. I don't study the tables near as much as I should. I am aware of the "real life advantages" of the 42 over the 34, I was wondering more about in the game. I was just wondering if the "game life advantages" of the 42 were worth giving up the 20 extra rounds you get with the 34. Seems like I'm always running out of ammo, thats one reason I like the 34, and it's pretty darn effective itself. Guess I need to try that test out, and see what I think then. Thanks again.
  8. Something I've been wondering about.It seems like a no-brainer to pick the 34 over the 42. It cost's less, and has a good bit more ammo. Is there something in the modeling that I don't know about, that makes the 42 more effective? Or does it make more sense to use the 34 over the 42, even if it was'nt as common later?
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