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  1. Another thing, USA joining the war should boost Russia morale too... Would come into play in the Ostermarch campaign.
  2. The Russia AI will defend the square under lodin to the death. Even if you park overwhelming force next to it, it will park armies after armies at 4 supply to be easily destroyed for a quick NM bonus.
  3. Indeed. It's nice seeing high level player one-upping each other with daring strategies. My question are: -Does anybody know what is the trigger for Belgium to enter automatically? (Something like French lost of Lille and/or England entry?) -With Austria being in such duress, wouldn't it have been better to give in to the Italian demands to shut down a front and break any hope of a french revival with Italian aid?
  4. Suggestion for SC 3! Have the option to turn over the control of countries on your side to the AI. Think of the possibilities: Let's say you play allies but set UK-USA to be controlled by AI. So when Barbarossa comes, you have no control on how or when D-Day is going to happen. You just brace for impact. Or play as Italy and try to grow as much as you can under the shadow of an AI Germany. Or the reverse, play as Germany and have to react to the clumsy adventurism of an Italian AI.
  5. Let's say you hand over Trieste and cie to Italy, and AH unit morale tanks. 1- How much turn it would take before an AH unit's morale recovers (Strenght 10, supply 6-7), provided the unit does not engage in combat? At what level would it stabilize? 2- How much impact has national morale in unit morale (it's not part of the manual equation)? How much morale impacts combat result compared to readiness? (does morale just feeds into readiness who's the ultimate modifier?) I've done an little excel equation from the morale calculation provided in the manual and I must have gotten it
  6. I don't have either of those. oh SC3! Exciting news! I'd join as a beta tester... but I don't want to burn myself out on the game before its tuned to perfection.
  7. Ok so my Gallipoli gambit game wrapped up... Time for some final thoughts, I think it would have still worked had the AI not left the place for me to take over (I'm still at a lost what triggered it). It would have been a bit more of a slug but I don't think it would have affected the timetable not the outcome. Now could an early Gallipoli work vs a human? Surprisingly I would say it could under the right circumstance. A timid push vs France could signal the Entente player that the UK can spare the unit and send them in the med.The Central Powers player would enticipate tha
  8. Dang, I was hoping to improve flight range at least. And since they have a 'bomb' option maybe they benefited from bombers or ground attack. Once my Gallipoli gambit game wraps up I'm thinking I'll try a run in winning by naval victory over the UK... For it I'll play the Ostermarch campaign (minimize expenses in the West by fighting defense) and giving Italy what it wants (mainly to silence its fleet) and making a big ship refitting-sub push to put UK in the stranglehold...
  9. Well this is turning into a mini-AAR. UK supplies couldn't be resumed right away on account of the submarine interdiction (first raiding then unrestricted submarine warfare port closure). Romanian and Turkish mpp and Dardanelle trade (coupled with an industry tech success) saved Russia. Bulgaria joined not to long after Romania joined and I had to abandon my plan of a Transylvanian push for a bulgarian one. The UK took Sofia on there way to Serbia but Bulgaria didn't surrender so the Romanian had to do a lot of mopping up. It's April 1917, Russia pushed German back to its frontier i
  10. Ok attempt 2 worked but it was quite anti-climatic. The AI abandoned Sedd el Bahr and Gallipoli (in fear of my amphibious transport and or my ships???) Even Istanbul troops moved away (but was instantly regarrisoned by event). After smashing 1 corp and 1 detachment Istanbul is open. Due to the number of Ottoman unit, I'll have 16% chance a turn of Ottoman surrender each turn once I have the capital under wraps. The question is, should I take Istanbul with my Russian troop or my English Troops? The Russian can use the income and morale but I'm worried that the Ottoman will be set
  11. Attempt 1 failed... I had waited for the Agincourt to appear before moving my battleship fleet... I miscaculated the time it would take to get to greece so I had to launch my transport without sufficient protection. The Austrian fleet snuck in ended my dreams of Gallipoli before it started. Attempt 2 is underway and even more Gambity. Instead of using the Belgians as roadblocks like I usually do this time I preserved 2 corp (1 of them unfit for combat a 1 strenght), 2 detachment and evacuated Prince Albert by sea after he soaked 3 hit (no damage) in the antwerp fortress. My thinking
  12. Ok I can see why it is preferable to cycle units through Lemnos... those WW1 amphibious raft have no range!!! Invasion about to begin... Stay tuned...
  13. 7- If I load up from Alexandria and then later let the amphibiuous ship spend a turn near the Lemnos port, will its supply increase? I want to try a everything and the kitchen sink approach, foregoing Basra and egypt and just a big english spam of gallipoli then on to adrianople and constantinople. I'm thinking for Supply Adrianople is easier to get that on account that Sedd el Bahr is too cramped. I don't want to play unit swap when my supply is already in the pits. Basically I'm banking that while the Serbian are still in there (and some Russian railcutting) that it will prevent an
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