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  1. Are the face bmps shared by all the different countries, or are some of the face bmps "axis" and others "allies"
  2. Earl decided that he wasnt interested. Any other adventurous modders bored for something different? btw, it isnt historical, so if that makes a difference.
  3. I think that point was already made - and never argued with.
  4. apparently that is what my engineers were doing in the particular game that was driving me nuts. anyway, thanks for the input. I will be trying the follow tank route if I dont think he will get gunned down by inf. [ April 22, 2008, 09:21 AM: Message edited by: David Chapuis ]
  5. I did read it. The fact that it worked for you a couple of days ago hardly means it is the best way to do something. If you are playing against a quality opponent, they wont have tanks running around by themselves. You start running units around chasing tanks, a good opponent will have inf to stop him. Placing a target order on a tank should do the trick, and the game should be smart enough not to have soldiers start blasting away with rifles at the armor when they have satchels. And you cant use the follow tank command when wanting to throw a satchel at a building. You cant give armor arcs to pioneers - so like i said - we need an anti-tank command when BFC releases the next CMAK patch.
  6. but if a squad isnt spotted and in good cover, that will get them spotted, possibly pinned, and then possibly not throw the weapon. When BFC creates a new patch to CMAK they need to add a "use AT weapon" command.
  7. I am trying to recruit somebody to do an infantry mod for me. Any good modders out that that are bored and want to try something "unique". email me at dkchapuis at yahoo dot com. Thanks ps. id rather not tell what the mod looks like in public. I plan on doing lots of screen shots though and posting them (full credit will be given)
  8. This link http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=23;t=010589#000009 says that I was seeing an experience bonus difference and that HQ combat bonuses dont show up.
  9. I think maybe that is a bad assumption - a quick test showed no change in the stated FP in or out of command. Of course, another quick test showed no change in stated FP no matter what combat bonus I gave the HQ. Are you sure that combat bonuses increase FP? If so, it doesn't show on the stated FP number when you target a unit... </font>
  10. This is the truth - I KO'd the gun with 5 seconds left on turn 12 of 12 - first try. This was an interesting little puzzle. I would like to hear how anybody else solved it. Mine was a bit of luck. *****spoiler below***** * * * * * * * One tank got KO'd, and I tried for a couple turns to get LOS to an area close to the gun. Twice my living tank inched forward spotted the gun and reversed out of LOS. So in that sense I was lucky. After the second time (turn 11) I decided to drive my living tank behind the KO'd tank that was smoking. Turn 12 I had LOS to an area just next to the gun and area fired and got a lucky kill with the 6th shot.
  11. I had never heard that until about a month ago. Go to the 7th post of this thread to see screen shots of the command bonus hit% jump only when the commander has LOS to target (http://www.theblitz.org/message_boards/showthread.php?tid=43829) From the screen shots I am assuming that for squad FP to also increase the HQ needs LOS to the target - but that might be a bad assumption.
  12. No reason to be surly. I understand geometric distribution well enough. What I am not fully convinced of is that that is the only answer. I am wondering if there are any other "rules" that affect the geometric distribution. For example, elite pioneers will throw sooner than conscripts - that is pretty intuitive. I was wondering if there was something that wasnt so intuitive. another example not related to satchels - I just recently learned that for a leader's combat bonus to take affect the leader has to have LOS to the target. That is a "rule" that one has to learn. Another example - to ensure a tank is buttoned throughout an entire turn you have to unbutton and rebutton in the orders phase. So, again, I am wondering if anybody knows of some "rule" that prevents or causes a satchel to be thrown. I assume there isnt, but it is always worth asking. No. but I would get really frustrated if I had frequently managed to sneak a piat to within 40m of an unsuspecting enemy tank and, after given the piat a target order, it sits there for an entire turn and doesnt fire. [ February 28, 2008, 11:48 AM: Message edited by: David Chapuis ]
  13. Unfortunately it seems that nobody knows what makes this only "usually". Maybe it is just completely random - if nobody here knows something else I will just assume it is.
  14. yeah I got the file. Why would you expect engineers from me. You know I prefer tank swarms! Actually this question has nothing to do with our game. Do you know how aggrivating it is to actually sneak an engineer squad within satchel range of a tank or building - not the easiest feat under most circumstances - and then give the target order, and they just sit there with their head up their Leto shooting their rifles. In my current game squads went an entire turn without throwing one satchel at least 5 times.
  15. I did search the cmx1 forums and found what that thread is saying - that it is pretty random. Mostly I am concerned about the time it takes to throw a satchel - maybe it is random between 5 seconds and 90 seconds. I was hoping somebody could get a little more specific than "it is random".
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