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  1. Hubert One of your oldest customers here - since original SC. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. My SC-WWI Breakthrough will not start. Says "License error" and to contact vendor. Did you ever get a way to update the unit icons for more of the minor powers with historically accurate planes and tanks? Is there a way to add ship AA upgrades to those SC versions that do not have this option? Dave "Gandalf" Donley
  2. Bill or Hubert When I look at the event scripts for the "brut force" scenario, the country ID#s do not match the numbers in the scripts. How is this possible? How to I figure out what the real country ID#s are? Gandalf
  3. Herbert I added a weak escort/destroyer group for the Netherlands. I want it to join the UK when Netherlands surrenders. I tried to copy the Free French scripts. Below is what I came up with but it does not work Can you tell me what I did wrong and how to do this? Gandalf { #NAME= Free Dutch Ships (DE 26=yes) #POPUP= Dutch Naval Forces Join UK #IMAGE= #SOUND= #FLAG= 1 #TYPE= 0 #AI= 0 #GV= 1[1,100] #LINK= 26[1] #LEVEL= 0 #COUNTRY_ID= 63 #TRIGGER= 100 #FULL_RESEARCH= 0 #DATE= 1939/01/01 #FAILSAFE_DATE= 1950/01/01 ; Cardiff #DESTINATION_RESOURCE= 146,32 ; Netherlands surrendered #VARIABLE_CONDITION= 2 [2] [100] [1] ; dummy condition position (never satisfied) #CONDITION_POSITION= 0,0 [0,0] [0,0] [0] [0] #UNIT= 18 [5] [0] [1st FD] }
  4. Hubert Thanks for the prompt reply. The problem I am having with ports on the English Channel is not creating them but rather getting the editor to accept them (refuses to save) without amending some unknown script. This is a problem with most of the SC games that have the English Channel. Do you know what script is causing the rejection/refusal to save and how I can fix? Thanks Gandalf
  5. Hubert How do you add/modify the countries in the scenarios in the SC global conflict Editor? (For example how do I add Chile to the Brute Force scenario?) How do you add/modify what types of terrain are available in the scenarios in the SC global conflict Editor? Do you have any additional "area" (land shapes) configurations I can use to edit? Most importantly, why will the editor not allow me to add ports or cities along either side of the English Channel and how can I do so? Thanks for any guidance.
  6. When I try to edit the 1914 scenario to add unit builds the resulting custom scenario has no convoy information. How do I edit existing scenarios while maintaining the convoy information?
  7. How do you move or remove borders in the SC2 Editor? Also sometimes when changing the coastline hexes an unwanted border will appear, how do I prevent that? Has anyone else noticed that in the new World War Scenario San Diego is Axis controled? I would like to know how to fix that.
  8. Gandalf (allies) surrenders to Gorskii (axis) bid was 175
  9. Gandalf (allies) surrenders to Gorskii (axis) bid was 175
  10. Gandalf (allies) wins against PooBah (axis) bid was 175 PooBah asked me to post
  11. Gandalf (allies) wins over Bonanza (axis). Bid was 150. game ended in June 41 as France fell and Russia declared war.
  12. Gandalf (Allies) win over Shaka of Carthage (Axis) the bid was 100.
  13. Gandalf (axis) surrenders to Iron Ranger (allies) bid was 75.
  14. Gandalf (axis) surrenders to Iron Ranger (allies) bid was 75.
  15. Gandalf(axis) conceeds to Iron Ranger bid was 75
  16. In the scenario editor ipc section what are the appropriate settings for a 100 bid game? I can not tell if the empty boxes reflect additional each turn ipcs or actual each turn levels.
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