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  1. hello, could someone give me the meaning of the acronyms used on the shell selector ? i've had a look at the manual but couldn't find any indication. thanks
  2. in a scenario i took out 2 Pz38t with an ampoulomet ! the grenade are indeed spring propelled ... crazy ivans !
  3. this doesn't work on my wife :confused: got another idea ?
  4. hello, very good find indeed ! where can i get the kursk and stalingrad pack ?
  5. thank you folks for your help, my win XP install is "clean", a full format after my change of Motherboard. i have Direct x 8.1 installed with the catalyst drivers going ok. i have found the preference file in the CMBB folder,i deleted it and had it recreated by CMBB, it seems ok. now CMBB crashes completely my computer, my PC loosing completely its power... i think the power of my PC (300w) is not powerful and stable enough,causing CPU errors or power shutdown. i'll change it for an AMD certified 400w power. wait and see... i'll let you know how it went, thank you again.
  6. i tried to uninstall & then the different versions 1.0 1.1 1.2 i always got this freezing pb
  7. i updated my bios, came back to an earlier catalyst driver it's worse than before, it freezes after 1 min of 3d environnment.... i don't have the demo installed... help !!!
  8. CMBB keeps asking for my video setting at launch is it normal ?
  9. thank you for your replies i have only 1 dimm occupied, the latest Via4in1 drivers i'll try to flash my bios to 1.3 (i have 1.1) i did not find the preference file in the CMBB folder, does it have a specific name ?
  10. hello folks i hope you will be able to help me i had CMBB running perfectly with my old motherboard ABIT KT7 + Athlon 1Ghz i changed recently for an MSI KT4 ultra + Athlon XP 2200+ with the same video card ATI radeon 8500 64Mb & OS Win XP (non SP1) since this change i can't run correctly CMBB it freezes after a few minutes of play in 3d environnment. i get this error msg: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: C0000005 AT ADDRESS: 6DDE4051 i updated my video drivers but get the same troubles i tried all th version V1.0 V1.1 V1.2 but get also the same troubles... can anyone help me ? i won't survive if i can't kick the ass of axis at least once a week...
  11. playing axis with default settings (fog of war : full, free ai deployment, ai exp normal, balance : normal) i won a total victory, playing ambushes with my AT guns (one of my 76 killed 9 tanks). is it normal given the course of barbarossa operation ?
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