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  1. cmc will be released Q4 2007. i think that's a quiet realistic suggestion.
  2. I just wonder ... if CMC will become a commercial success (and it would be, no doubt about that) would it be possible to extend the concept to the new CM engine. I want to hear a "yes, perhaps" and NOT "no, under no circumstances"
  3. 1. dynamic campaign engine (like the one in Steel Panthers) 2. random map generator (like the one in Combat Mission) 3. map/campaign editor (also, like the one in Combat Mission REMEMBER: Replayability means everything in making a serious wargame! :mad:
  4. I just wonder if they have allready signed a contract with CDV for this title. CDV distributed the original CM titles here in Europe.
  5. I'm just too lazy to search all the threads. Does the new engine also offer the turn-based/real-time concept of the previous Combat Mission games? :confused: I think so, as this was the core feature of Combat Mission.
  6. I know this question may sound strange to most of you but is it possible to run Combat Mission in a Window, instead of fullscreen? :confused:
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