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  1. Bruceov

    players on line

    In ten days or so ill have a new omputer then i WILL PLAY ONLINE
  2. I asm buying a new machine with vista. Does this game run well with vista
  3. Im gonna buy the game when my new computer gets delivered. Ill be here for multiplayer
  4. Bruceov


    Im thinking of buying this game. Does the game work as multiplayer. Is it as good as cmbb or cmak.
  5. If anyone knows anything about what has happened to the chat at the proving grounds please let me know. It is no longer possible to access the chat. The chat is where some of us rely to get online games CMAK and CMBB
  6. The only websight where we can get cmak and ambb games on line is down, they went to some new system that is unusable. If anyone knows of a live chat where we can arrange games Id love to hear about it
  7. Try playing Brit and using aecII ACs if u can get them cheaply enough. They can kill a tiger
  8. I have a sneaking suspician they will cancel this game. There is no longer any chat. Not too many cmbb players any more.....
  9. Ive tried tpg its not live and the postings are old. I don't play solo so I am not a battlefront consumer, I guess.
  10. The chat enabled one to obtain games live without knowings an ip number. Without it there is no easy way to get a game
  11. He has e mailed me that the chat is discontinued. As far as I am concerned that renders the campaign game pretty pointless
  12. That the cmac chat server is no more. It will not be simple to play live battles without chat As far as I'm concerned there is no point in buying this game.
  13. Its confirned the live chat has been terminated by Matt. Without a live site to play battlefront games multiplayer, it is not feasable for some of us to buy their games, paticularly the campaign cmbb game
  14. CMHQ chat server is down please fix
  15. Its called the CMHQ Chat server. Maybe battlefront is ignoring me because they don't know what I am talking about
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