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  1. Hey, that's a nice link. I just downloaded the font. This link should be included on the "Resources" page for TacOps.
  2. What application did you use to produce that AAR? I've never seen anything like it! As for the tactics, looks like I could show you a few tricks...
  3. Hey, that movie AAR is pretty slick.
  4. Will there be an IRC channel for spectators for this CPX? I won't be available for full participation but I'd like to see how CPXs are played from a player's point of view.
  5. <The scenario for the brigade offensive operation took place in the state of Kamhairistan, where a significantly large al Qaeda network was present. The al Qaeda and its Taliban allies were attempting to destabilize the nation and its neighboring countries.> I wonder which map they used. Or is this classified info?
  6. Yeah, so I heard. But that's all right. The multiplayer mode works, which is all that matters. And heck, I still get a kick out of v0.1.2 (Mac)!
  7. This answers my previous question in the CPX thread. Just how big are these files typically? 15 Kb file from each player? 150 Kb from the umpire? So in a 10 player + 1 umpire MTM game, the umpire would have to send out approx. 150 Kb x 10 of data to the players each turn? Also, is it possible to tweak TacOps so it can send a situation update back out to each remote computer not in turn, but simultaneously?
  8. Sometimes people get disconnected because of call waiting causing an automatic disconnect. It has happened to me a couple of times while playing Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord TCP/IP. But that could be remedied by entering *70 w XXX-XXX-XXXX in the telephone number field of the dial-up settings. It should disable call waiting while online.
  9. Would a 1 GHz P3, 384 MB RAM, 32 MB Geforce2 GTS graphics card, 56K modem, Win XP system have problems running TacOps with a IRC chat client and Yahoo Messenger in the background?
  10. I'm confused. When the umpire forces the start of the orders exchange, are the orders files queued and downloaded one file at a time? Or are they downloaded all at once? And how are the combined orders from the umpire's PC uploaded to the players' PCs? Again, are the combined orders uploaded to the PCs one PC at a time or is it done all at once? If the umpire queues the orders and sends and receives them one at a time, then the umpire wouldn't really be able to take advantage of the speed DSL or cable has to offer, especially if the other players use 56k modems during these exchanges. [ October 27, 2002, 11:43 AM: Message edited by: LibertyOrDeath ]
  11. How does the umpire download the orders? Is it one at a time or is it simulataneously?
  12. Is there a field manual on the web that deals with proper radio protocol?
  13. I guess I'm just a control freak. It seems like from your experience that liaison units are not very effective on the attack. But what about on the defense? Less movement is involved on the defense, especially early in the game... Now, if I were a CO or artillery officer and liaison units are permitted, I would have my subordinate officers momentarily transfer command of some of their units with LOS to critical targets to me, so I could use the precise locations of the enemy units for targeting artillery and air strikes. Of course, I understand that imperfect information and reporting is what makes these CPX/MTM games fun. But let's face it: a picture is worth a thousand words and nobody wants to lose. This brings me to my other point. Should screenshots be exchanged among team members? If I were CO and have a UAV to fly around, I would want to take a screenshot of the enemy's formations that are seen from the UAV and pass it along to the subordinate officer(s) who will likely make contact with the spotted units. A lot of players have broadband, so exchanging screenshots could be done in under a minute or so. But would such practice essentially degenerate the CPX into a 2 player game with servants who do nothing but enter orders? What do you think?
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