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  1. 1. How do you get a MBT or other armor vehicle in more of a hull-down position? When I used hunt to a berm, they moved up onto the berm and eventually got taken out. 2. Will a TOW equipped Hummer or Bradley, or Stryker use the TOW automatically, or do you have to force it? I've only seen the Bradley's firing there cannons. 3. Is there a line of sight tool? 4. Is there a way to toggle off all the overlay for a better screenshot of picture? 5. and finally, not me...but a friend and I attempted to play last night, as soon as he started CMSF his teamspeak would no longer transmit, but he could hear me... anyone else have this problem, and know why or how to fix it? Thx for your time.
  2. Thx... I got a completely new system, un-licensed, un-installed it on the old one before selling it...and printed out my key but god know where that is, guess I'll try the e-mail thing. thx again.
  3. excuse me, isn't this the place to ask questions, like how to get my key again so i can play the update? I sure hope battlefront staff monitor and assist in this forum.
  4. Now that CMSF has been patched, and installing it on a ew system, how do I get the key sent to me again? thx
  5. Just to clarify, I just posted the link... Moon (Martin) did the AAR.
  6. http://www.simhq.com/_land2/land_055a.html Check it out, very nice read and tons of new screens... just when I thought It was time to give up on WW2 games, another comes along.
  7. Just wondering, and want to verify before buying the download version... Whats the protection, can I download on my desktop, save to disk and install on my laptop (I like playing these games at work, saving desktop playing for the high intense games)... My laptop doesn't have internet, so it couldn't do a check on it... don't want it if can't take on my laptop trips... so any info would be appreciated.
  8. been a while since I played... where is the exe for T72... don't see it in the explorer list.
  9. Hello, been quite a while since I visited these CM forums... haven't played any of my CM games in months... Since then I got a new system, specs below, went to play all three of my CM games... all have a white background where the text is... Was wondering if this is a common problem and if theres a work a round? any info would be appreciated? Sys Specs: Dell XPS Gen 4 P4-3.75, 2 gigs of DDR2 RAM Raedon 850 XT w/256 video RAM Audity Sound Card Win XP Media Edition, all patched and updated Direct X 9C latest sound and cat drivers
  10. Man Dogface... the time it took you to print screen, edit in the highlights, and re-post it you could of answered the mans question about 10 times... ridiculous. ANSWER: Go into the game folder. You will several batch files. missed is the Mission Editor bilded is the Building Editor cfg launnches the full configuration program core is the AI docrtine and scripts utility
  11. A friend and I tried it... we connected but the multiplayer code is so bad... it was a snail crawl for whoever joined... even with a extra high broadband connection... and state of the art system. but feel free to try yourselves and report. Of course... any and all are welcome to use my open and dedicated team speak gaming server to find players and try it out. www.magnumland.com right on top is the direct connect link.
  12. AHHH... are you aware there is no multiplayer mode in T72? (except of course a LAN) Your confusing me.
  13. I would love it... but how do you plan on doing this? Do you mean your setting up a LAN Party somewhere? or did you find a work-a-round for online playing?
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