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  1. Big Time history and war buff, not just games, but books and movies, and actual tactics and strategies... Going to Germany for a vacation, and what I want to see is old battle grounds of historic time... Maybe some of the famous bridges, larger more open tank grounds, and Kall trail type places. Is there any book or guide, that might show me where to go and what to visit... Unfortunity It's just Germany that I'm visiting, not France or Russia, which would probally have some of the best historic places. any advise, recommendations? (sorry, if this don't belong here, but there's n
  2. thanks for the info on the below question... I'll test your solutions... Sorry, for the post... it was meant more as a sarcastic complaint on compatablitly... not really a joke, but not as serious as it reads. didn't know "pissed" was a cuss word either, lol, I'll watch myself. I still love battlefront... it was meant jokinly, for my probs. ps, (the purpose I re-responded)... I still can't get CMBO SE and CMBO to PBEM together... CMBO is patched to version 1.2... any idea, whats going on here... just wont load the e-mail... only tried twice, I'll test further. [ June 11, 20
  3. sorry... i meant my post in a sarcastic, funny but disappointed way. reading was harder then it was meant to be. lol I'm still pissed thou.
  4. Do I understand correctly, that you have to install all the graphic and sound mods yourself for CMBO SE? if that's true... we have to un-zipp and install each mod (which appears to be alot) individually? and 1 final Q: is there a list of what the new missions are in the read me or something? thx for your time.
  5. I know nothing I say will change your mind... but after years of dedication to Battlefront... you really managed to piss me off with the special edition of CMBO... I can't beleave you changed the executable... I was hoping to finally after years of swapping the disk between my laptop and desktop to play your game, that I could buy the SE and use that disk for the desktop, and keep my orginal CMBO in my laptop... but there not capatible with each other... total BULL****! and I hope it's just me with this problem, (and someone can advise me with a solution)... but now the only ones of my m
  6. Gremlin... excellent articles, My gaming group has new members just getting into the series... I noticed you have a copyright symbol, so thought I'd asked if I can copy/paste your articles for my guys... (would of e-mailed you direct, but you don't have one listed) Also, if you need a place for the full articles with the pics, contact me, and we'll talk about putting it up on our gaming site, your choice, just offering.
  7. Whats that command to get a troop/unit to follow a vehicle, and hopefully destroy it. Got a enemy armor unit trying to flank my assualt, he's all alone... but I got a anti tank guy and a sniper covering that flank hidden, I was hopeing to ambush the tank, but he's moving out of range, so I want to get my AT guy to follow him and attack the rear, hopefully before the tank gets to my force.... thx in advance...
  8. lol... I didn't even consider the night... just thought if I could see the bld, he should. Thx hehe
  9. I recommend you give it to a member of the military. just my thoughts.
  10. OK... excuse me for my ignorance, but I'm STILL trying to get good and understand certain things in this game. In the attached screenshot, my armor unit, (unbuttoned), clearly is overwatching the left side of this battlefield... and clearly even the main gun is overwatching... then why the Hello is the line of site say blocked, and it stays blocked till pretty close to the unit. The screenshot is at level one, and I want the unit to cover the building and treeline, which looks clearly possible... any ideas, tips, comments? Thanks for your time.
  11. I got the press release version a week before that, so now I have 3. lol e-mailed your sales department, waiting for reply. Thanks.
  12. Battlefront... I love your game, got it since day one, and no problems for me. But now, 2 weeks later, I got another copy from you guys. Need a customer service contact number, to see about returning it. (anyone else getting 2 full copies of game, with instruction book?)
  13. First off, Let me say I got the full version and love this game... it's a GREAT laptop game to play when I'm suppose to be working. I've never played the other Tacops game, kinda new to this type of gaming, (mostly played Ghost Recon, OFP, SWAT type games... but playing Combat Mission 1 and 2, got me looking at this one.) My question, with out going into much detail, (don't want to waste anyones time) how does the insides of this game work... I move my units, I issue commands, and is there a mathimatic equanion that goes in the background to come up with the solutions? As a ex-Army
  14. Nevermind, fiquered it out myself... the combat area is only so big, so it wouldn't expand any bigger... was wondering, because the tutorial was full screen. Sorry to waste your time, great game thou, just a newbie learning it. lol
  15. Ya, I'm really feeling like a idiot not knowing this stuff, but hey, got to ask? If it works, theres an attached screen to this post... Is there anyway, (Im sure it's something simple, dumbness on my part), to play this game full screen? I've clicked the maximize button and it don't get any bigger, and tried to click and drag the edge, still nothing... would like to see it full screen, then again it's good to have the command windows off the game screen... maybe that was the intent? Ya I know, dumbass newbie.
  16. Excuse me for my ignorance, but I've never played the Tac Ops line before, and after doing, and understanding, the tutorial I still have a few questions. (Yes, I "skimmed" the manual, but more explaination needed.) After the tutorial, I went to the next mission I could find, gave me a WHOLE bunch of units, that I devide up into teams of three and put them all on roads, I then sent the lead scouts for each team to advance and search, but never came upon anyone... Where does a new player go from the tutorial? are there smaller, more adive missions to do? How do you tell what the objective
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