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  1. I made a quick research and this is the only thing i found about the "tromboncino Mod. 28" http://www.il91.it/Sito/Fucili1891/91-28tromboncino/Dettagli28Tromb/TromboncinoM28.htm I read the article, IMO it was just fragmentation and it was not used as anti-tank weapon: (...)launch, until to 200 meters,infantry bombs against targets defilades to you (google translation)
  2. I decided to buy this game. I filled up the form(at store4war) I choose "payment by check". I receiveed the mail of confirmation. And now? which are the next steps? PLease answer, i need this game!
  3. Salve, c'รจ qcn che mi spiega come funziona il pagamento by check?
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