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  1. Hello all! So I decided to jump back into WW2 after a stint in Black Sea. Download and installmy old BN 3.12 and activate CW forces. Start up the game, unmodded, but the UI is completely bonkers. Buttons have the wrong names wich leads to "interesting" situations, crew dismounting instead of opening up, popping smoke instead of firing briefly etc... The information text is also weird, my US scout team is a "Late 1944" according to the game and they are armed with Messerschmidts and "party"? Also, some of the equipment seem to be a little modern (and bizarre), binocs with M203 for example. I tried uninstalling everything CM and do a new clean CMBN install without CW but alas, still craycray. I'm kind of loosing my hair at this point... Thankful for any tips.
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