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  1. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (OR TO WHOM IT MAY HELP): I called Camp "Battlefront" for Close Online Support. John Wayne was quick to respond. He said that it is probably just standard EW and that I should use Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures (ECCM) - i.e. I should uninstall the CMFI and CMBS, and than again download and install both games with my anti-virus turned off. I did, but it did not help. I was still missing "Game files" and "User data" folders, and no files were in quarantine. I called John again. John was again quick to respond, and he said "Don't worry buddy, I've got you covered. We will fix this together.". This time John air dropped me the standard ration of demo scenarios and I saved them under My documents in the correct path where the CMFI will be looking for them. So I now have the folders and I see that scenario files are inside, but when I start the game the list of the scenarios is still empty. I called John again. I said:"John, maybe this road leads to Albuquerque, but it sure does not lead to our objective. We need to find another avenue of approach." Radio silence. I said:"John, do you read me? Over." Nothing. This is when I knew there is only one Scientological explanation. OPFOR has overrun John's Support-by-Comment position at Camp Battlefront and he is MIA. This is when I knew I will have to do it all by myself. I will have to initiate Search and Rescue mission to solve the mystery of the missing folders and find John from the lost support platoon. So I put on my headband and I said to myself:"What would Bill Gates's grandma do?" I knew that my chance is one in a million, but I had to try it. I logged off from the normal user which I used all the time to download and install CMBS, CMFI and CMRT. I than logged in to the other user with Admin privileges, which I have not used literally for years. I just checked there under My Documents folder and all the missing folders for CMBS, CMFI, CMRT were there. I started CMBS and it was alive! The scenarios were listed and I was finally able to play demo with that admin user which had nothing to do with installation of the game. One down, one to go. I said again to myself:"Think John, think. What would Jeffrey Paulding do?". He would first try to think like the enemy, than he would patiently find or create holes in the enemy defense, and than when he finds them he would ensure local fire superiority. He would set the table before he eat their lunch. And I was determined to prevent those OPFOR zombies to eat my buddy John Wayne for lunch. After I applied the Jeffrey's advice, I knew OPFOR must be holding John in some cell within their base and that I will have to be fast and stealthy, while I am blowing them up. Once that critical part was understood, the rest was not really piece of cake, but more like a walk in the park. Details of the mission can be seen on this original footage from the mission.
  2. Dear all thank you very much for your comments. I have tried reinstalling several times already before, but this has not worked. I have win in English so I guess this should not be a problem. I was not able to find any other folder where they might be. Actually I have feeling like some folder with Scenarios is missing from CMBS and CMFI folders. For CMSF2 under Game Files, there is folder called Scenarios and they are all there. For the other two there is nothing similar. I think I will contact support at the Battlefront Help Desk. Thanks for that link.
  3. I have a problem with Demo and was not able to find any topics, links, answers about it. In the CMBS and CMFI demo, I can start the demo but the list of the demo scenarios is completely empty. In the CMSF2 demo I have all the demo scenarios and I am able to play normally. Does anyone know why this happens and what can I do about it? Thanks in advance. I did not want to open a new topic just because of this question. I hope it is ok that I post my question here.
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