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  1. I did more research on it and its only the Recon marines the Asst. has the M4 w/ M320s every other unit has the 203
  2. I can agree a up to date mod would be nice in which the marines would have M27 IAR, army using M320 with multicam, the british using MTP with their new L85A3 maybe even if the Devs add a CIF section for army and Marsoc for marines etc etc.
  3. I figured as such, I was about going to be extremely salty if they just made it for a few units lol
  4. I seen this but it shows the option for the m203 but its textured as a M320 for the marines maybe its a mistake from the dev team im not sure but if you check the Semper Fi Syria the first mission has the marines with M320s
  5. Thats understandable but if you use the marines they all have them instead of the 203 thats why im scratching my head
  6. I'm not sure if this thread has been started yet but I've noticed that the US army are using M203s and they're wearing UCP when they've implemented the OCP uniforms and they're using M320 grenade launchers. Are you guys going to actually change that or will it be left the same?
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