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  1. Thanks for the answers Guys! I'm use to the older games CMBO and CMBB? These CMRT and CMN are new to me. Any ideas when the might be getting some Future expansions for CMRT. Sure would be nice. Thanks again Ed
  2. Anyone got a quick fix for this. I'm trying to use quick battle mode and I can't get it to switch the year from 1944 June, July, August September. Would like to go to 1942? Am I missing something!! New to the game. Thanks.
  3. Schrullenhaft: I have tried every way that John from Battlefront could come up with to help me get CMBO and CMBB up and running.. He was more then helpful in trying to help me and I thank him for his effort. I also had another person come and look at getting it running after 2 hours of trying He says that the way to fix it is by going into the dos so Vipre will recognise it. Over my head for my computer skills. My next step...... Buying the newer games! Before I do this can you tell me if I was to buy the CMBN with the Big Bundle with Red Thunder do all the games come with there own disks? I thank you as well Schrullenhaft for your help in trying to get my older games up and running. Thank you. Ed.
  4. Thank you Schrullenhaft. I will try to recover my elicence's and see if I can get it running that way? If that falls short I will try contacting Battlefeild directly and see if I can resolve it this way. I might contact you latter to let you know what my out come is again thanks for your help in this manner! Ed.
  5. Thanks for your response Schrullenhaft. When I got this computer desktop the computer guy who installed the computer I had asked him to install the games on it he did it reluctantly. At the time the anti-virus (AVG) being used would not let CMBO or CMBB install. He had to play around a lot but got them up and running and they ran Great. Don't know what I did but about a year ago they just stopped working Click on the icon and nothing absolutely nothing would come up. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. I purchased both disks CMBO and CMBB from Battlefront about 7 maybe 8 years ago. I'm not really that good with computers so I had to have the computer guy come back 6 months ago to fix some stuff on the computer and he changed my anti- virus to VIPER he says it's better. Asked him if he could install the games again and make them work. After two hours of trying he gave up and told me it can't be done games were to old for windows 7 even though he had them working when I got this computer? But I know of others that are running them on windows 7 and 8. I'm not really sure what an 'exception' set for CMBO and CMBB within this security is? I do have a eLicense for CMBO so I could start playing CMBO as soon as I purchased the game but with CMBB I waited till the disk arrived. Not sure how to use the eLicense or where to go to find it. It's been a while. Video card is NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970. Processor is entel (R) core (TM) 17-4790K CPU@4.00GHz RAM 16 GB System type 64-bit operation system. I hope this helps. I'm hoping that maybe you can get me started on the right path at getting these games up and running. Thanks for your help! Ed
  6. Thanks for responding. Yes I have tried and still nothing happens at all?
  7. Can anyone explain to me how I can get CMBO and CMBB to run in windows 7. They use to run fine but now I can't get them to work at all. I click on it and nothing happens.
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