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  1. Well, I 'm pretty sure that I chose "Download Only" when purchasing the game. And I guess that it finally turned into "Download for International" simply because that I don't live in the US. Thank you so much for your help and I'll try to wait for some answer in the coming US Labor Days.
  2. And I can find my download link nowhere on the order page of the store website, just like what I've showed on this screenshot of my store page:
  3. Nope, the code is simply listed on my order page and I haven't receive any e-mail till now.
  4. I just submitted Thanks, but I think there is nothing wrong in my payment process since I've already got my activation code.
  5. I once thought that it was because that the staffs was just dealing with my order, but nearly three days has past since I submit my purchase order now.
  6. And this is what it looks like on my order page:
  7. I tried to create a ticket, however, a staff only replied me with "Duplicate" and closed my ticket. What can I do now to get my problem resolved? The answer of the staff is here:
  8. I'bought a copy of CMBS on 09,01. But till now, my order status is still "Process" and I cannot find my download URL on the order page. What should I do?
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