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  1. Hi History guy here. three words air power, supply, say it all. American air power would negate soviet numbers of tanks. B29, B24, B17 long range bombers, the Soviets had nothing like them, would crush supply lines from the east and demolish all soviet airfields. The Soviets, like the Germans failed to develop any good quality heavy duty long range bombers. Their air force was designed for close support of ground forces, and numbers were not large in comparison. Soviets were still flying lend lease P40s at the end of the war. While the Soviets had an excellent fighter plane, comparable to the P51 and P47 it only had an effective range of around 400 miles so it would have to be based very close to the front. While the yak3 had a tighter turning radius and quicker acceleration than the P51 and the P47 and a faster rate of climb, Both the 51 and 47 had higher top speed, higher ceiling better rate of fire and the 51 had a range of over 1600 miles. American fighter bases would always be out of soviet range while the soviet basses would be easy pickins.. While the Soviets managed to produce around 4900 Yak3 in the war the U.S. produced over 16,000 P51s alone, around 12,000 p47s , and here is the big one over 10,000 p38s the Germans called the 38 fork tailed devil, it was a very effective tank killer much like the wart hog of today. It had four 50s and a 20mm canon in the nose. So here is how I see things playing out. In the first two weeks the Soviets would make significant progress taking all of Germany and a good chunk of eastern France. This would be accomplished by large masses of superior battle tanks By the end of the first week Soviet air power would be all but wiped out. Food, ammo, fuel, almost all supply would be crippled from the air. I can see entire tank divisions wiped out in hours by masses of P 38,47,51 air to ground bombing . By the end of week two Soviet advances would grind to a halt, due to shortages of food fuel and ammo. By the end of week 3 Allied forces would begin to push the Soviets back across western and eastern Europe to the soviet border. this could take months or a year depending on how well dug in the Soviets were. Remember the Soviets and Russians before them were the masters of tactical retreat and entrapment. Only an idiot would pursue them into Russia with the idea of complete submission. IE Napoleon,..and Hitler and maybe Patton if unchecked by Eisenhower and Truman.. At this point, if the Soviets did not sue for peace, and Stalin was no quitter, the Allies would have to change tactics. The new goal would be to wipe out the means of production of war material in Siberia. This could be accomplished by B29 raids from China and Alaska. The goal would be to keep the Soviets from rebuilding large numbers of tanks and planes. Air raids would be almost without risk. At the same time allied armies would move just far enough into The Soviet Union to disrupt food production in the Bread Basket of Ukraine and western Russia.without overreaching supply lines The Red Ball Express was the best supply vehicle in the history of warfare but even it would have had trouble crossing more than, say 800 miles into The Soviet Union. Patton would a non factor as far as offensive tank battles go and would be relegated to mopping up Soviet divisions which avoided being destroyed from the air, and taking hungry Soviet captives.. A job he would detest! Truman would not use the A bomb even if he had more because the Soviets would be surrounded by French, German, pole and Check non-combatants. That is how I see it. Any comment is appreciated. .
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