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  1. Ok, according to the defenses tab of the elefant what you say make sense apart from the fact that it says its very vulnerable to heat unless it's hit on the front armor. So is the tab to take with a pinch of salt?
  2. Hello guys, I was playing the campaign "raging Buffalo" from CMFI Gustav Line and on the last battle when you as the American have to defend the town from overwhelming armored German troops I saw for the first time the Elefant tank destroyer in action. I knew it was a beast but 1) I hit it twice, once from the back once from the side with a bazooka and it didn't penetrate and the defense tab shows it is vulnerable to heat shells. 2) Then i hit it 4 times with the lethal 76 mm gun of a m10. Yes, I hit it on the front which is the thickest side bit but it was from 5
  3. I'm trying to open a ticket but I can't see a way to attach a screenshot there. Can you help me please?
  4. Thank you for your replies! So I started the whole campaign from the beginning, to play all of it on the latest patch. I deployed soon my light mortars close to the jeep so they can have radio contact with the FO and ordered to fire on the antitank gun position. after 3 turns, when they should have started with the spotting rounds, they lost contact with the FO, both mortars, same moment, so I guess it is not one of those random issues that can happen to simulate real life inconveniences like radio signal lost. I just went through the next 10 turns quickly just to see if they would have b
  5. Hello everyone, I'm experiencing weird stuff on the last version of the game and I want to make sure I did everything correctly when updating. So, I had the game updated to 2.02 version and started the campaign raging buffalo and played first mission without any problem. Then I decided to buy rome to victory module. The description said there wasn't anything to download but only to activate but after I bought it it gave me access to a 2GB file called update 2.10. So I thought it was the last version. I downloaded it and installed it and it created a new desktop icon f
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Anyway I don't remember I've ever created an account or if I did (maybe i needed in order to buy the games) i can't remember my login and the weird thing is that I cannot find my login even in my emails (I checked all emails from battlefront).
  7. Hello guys, I own CMFI, CMBS and CMSF but I bought a new computer and I have no idea about how to download them again. I looked for old emails with download links but they don't work anymore obviously. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  8. Hello guys, I would like to play multiplayer games with CMFI but there isn't any tool in the game that allows you to find people connected to start a game with. If you click on the Multiplayer button it just asks for the IP address of the other guy computer. So, if there is anyone who would like to play with me, let me know and we can arrange a game. Cheers!!!
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