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  1. Thanks, sburke. I missed Ian's "yes" scrunched between comments. I'd thought that I'd seen something about ALL the expansions being included in v4 and having to be "unlocked" but couldn't find that info anywhere. It was around the time of v4 initial release, but couldn't find the "press release" detailing it. It's been a long while since last playing. At the time of the v4 UPGRADE release, I also thought I'd seen something about all future releases including v4 Engine, but didn't see that in any of the game descriptions themselves as to what engine was included. I remember that being the reason I figured I'd be better off waiting for the CM games I don't have.
  2. Yes, all the credit to the techs who stuck with it until it was solved. But I don't want to go through that again which is why I'm hoping that all the new versions (download & disc) include v4.
  3. It's January 2018 and I'm wondering if new purchases of the game (as well as Red Thunder and Black Sea) include the v4 Game Engine. I had an unbelievable nightmare of a time upgrading the Normandy game to v4 that literally took over a MONTH of tech support to resolve (lost KEYs at the Battlefront server), so I'm hesitant to go through any more upgrading. I haven't even thought about purchasing the newer Normandy modules since they involve re-activating CMBN, CMBN:CW & Market-Garden, which causes flashbacks. Any help appreciated.
  4. HelpDesk ticket created <sigh> I'd probably feel more down if I hadn't canned a 25 foot bird on the first green, with the first stroke, with a brand new putter, without even warming up with it. Added another 4 holes later.
  5. Yes, and I get the same result, an error box that says I need "Base Game 3.0." Regardless of whether I use the key for v3 or v4, I get an activation result of success, but the success box only lists the base CMBN game, the Commonwealth and Market-Garden modules, and the v2 and v4 upgrades. These are listed in green rectangles (SUCCESS: YOU'VE ACTIVATED THE FOLLOWING...). There is NO mention of the v3 upgrade, which I've installed from DVD (bought the mail-only option for the v3 Upgrade). If I reinstall the v3 upgrade from the DVD and activate, I get a success result that only shows the CMBN base game when I launch (no Commonwealth or Market-garden).
  6. That's exactly what I've done. I mentioned that I found the "Activate" link and after entering the key I "activated" the base game and modules, but only upgrade v2 and v4. No mention in the key-activation process of v4 does it list v3 as also having been activated, just 2 & 4. It doesn't say I need to activate v3, it states that v3 is necessary. This may seem like parsing words, but the error box seems to imply that I don't have v3 installed in the first place in order to actually activate it.
  7. Thank you. Dumped the old PING fatigue hat for a happier pic of me sitting at the pension bureau waiting to turn in my papers!!!
  8. As I figured, it only gets worse... Re-Installed v3 and sucessfully activated, and could launch the game showing ONLY CMBN, no modules, despite the v3 Activation stating the all v3 versions are activated. Figuring I at least had a working v3, I just installed v4, and get the startup screen showing all modules, but with the error message that there is no v3 (um, I just installed/activated it). So now I'm back to a non-working v4, with all modules showing.
  9. I found the "Activate" link, entered the key, and lo & behold, am now in possession of a head-scratcher for the ages. The successful activation activated the CMBN base game, the Commonwealth and Market-garden modules, and the v2 & v4 upgrades, BUT NOT THE v3!!! I figured that since v4 was activated, the game would run, but I still get the same message about needing v3 (I had the game running up to v3.12). I guess the only thing to do is install v3, and see if that works, if it installs v3 OVER v4, or the game will still not run. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  10. I've looked over that link, and got no positive results. Of the 5 problems listed, Nr 1 doesn't apply as I don't have the "Big Bundle." Nrs 2,3 & 4 are not for CMBN. The fifth, which *is* a problem I'm having (no shortcut to activate licenses), did not work out as when I follow the instructions, all I get is *another* CMBN icon that tries to launch the game, not activate a product (and I'm still hoping that if I *can* get to that point, the license key I have for the v4 Upgrade will work, as the additional message about the missing .brz files is very disturbing. It leaning towards wiping the entire CM program group (game, mods) out and starting from scratch, to at least get to v3.12, since Battlefront seems to have resolved the issue where they had lost my original CMBN and module keys.
  11. So now I finally get CMBN 3.12 running after not being able to enter license keys, because Battlefront LOST them during data shuffling. The game was running fine, with all purchased module listed. I purchased the v4 Upgrade, and now when I start the game it tells me that I must have 3.0 installed, which of course I do, patched up to boot. The message also says to enter any license key into the "Activate New Products," which is an icon I do not even have available to select ( I remember it when I was going through the torture of trying to patch 3.0 back in December, so I probably got rid of it once everything was working, figuring any new product I purchased would include it again).. Under this glaring red text box I can see that there is a notation that v201.brz and v211.brz are missing. Oddly, in the lower right hand corner of the screen it notes that I do indeed have version 4.0, and Commonwealth and Market-Garden icons are present. Can it get any worse? My initial guess is yes. Any help or thoughts appreciated.
  12. UPDATE!!! Just wanted to let the community know that the Battlefront Helpdesk request resulted in me being told that during moving some data around, a bunch of old mail-order keys were lost. After mine (the ORIGINAL pre-order key for CMBN) was re-entered into the system, I was able to use that to validate the 3.11/3.12 patches.
  13. After installing the 3.11 patch, trying to start the game brings up an Activation box. That's where I get the message to type in the Key where 3.0 is NOT mentioned, which made me think it wanted my original CMBN key, which didn't work either. There -are- Activation icons on the desktop after installing the patch, but selecting either of those or simply trying to start the game requires Activation.
  14. I'm able to get an up to 3.0 installation running without any patches whatsoever. My 3.0 key works fine when activating after the 3.0 Upgrade is installed, but that key goes nowhere after the 3.11 patch. I guess the Helpdesk is the next step. Thanks.
  15. I have now attempted to apply the 3.11 patch downloaded directly from battlefront. Do I even have to mention that it failed miserably? When I applied the 3.0 Upgrade, the Activation box at game launch specifically asked for the ky # that came with the 3.0 Upgrade. Applying the 3.11 patch gives an Activation box that asks "Enter the key that was given to you when you purchased CM Battle for Normandy PC." Note that nothing is mentioned about the 3.0 Upgrade. I entered the 3.0 Upgrade key (failure) then copied/pasted the key (very long letter/number set) that I have from the ORIGINAL CMBN 1.0 that I had when I pre-ordered this series at the beginning of it all. This key also results in failure. I considered getting the vehicle pack and scenario pack, for the content as well as the included patched that apply automatically, but I think I'll hold off. If battlefront can't get their act together to make applying patches successful for people who've purchased all the individual products as they were released, I don't know if I can trust them anymore. I'll stick with reinstalling everything AGAIN from scratch and hold at the 3.0 Upgrade.
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