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    updated manual

    in starting up you get a options menu and one of bottom buttons is ADVANCED. the manual for the base game you get 12 possible selections. when I open the AonD under ADVACED there are 3 selections. with 18 buttons.
  2. CA Houston

    updated manual

    I bought the base game not the Gold. I can't find some explanation about the new advanced screen.
  3. I have recently purchased the base game and AonD. I am looking for a copy of the Gold manual with all the updates info. a updated manual was not included in AonD.
  4. I just purchased the base game and AonD. I am having problems with attachment and detachment. I have the Egyptian HQ in Iraq with units from Canada, UK and Brittan and it will not all attachment. I have read the manual and believe a like country HQ will accept any of its minors. what am I missing?