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  1. I wish to update especially for everyone who can run into the same question. ... It works! I after installing the game from the man (and a very long download!) I did not even have to activate the 1.0 game, I just installed 3.0 over the 1.0 installation and activated it with my new 3.0 key and it works perfectly after updating to 3.12 too.
  2. Thank you Schrullenhaft for the response. I know Combat Mission is the kind of long term game so I do not even wish to have everything all at once. The Battle for Normandy content alone is sure to keep me busy for a long time until I can save enough for the other modules. The only thing I was scared off was that I buy the game from the online ad and it is out of activation so I cannot play even with the 3.0 upgrade that I will purchase. If I understand correctly, I can buy the CD from this man, I will be able to install, and then activate the game with my new 3.0 key. That seems about right. *eheh, good thing I had asked the man to unlist his ad in case * -D.S.
  3. Hello, I have been interested in the Combat Mission games for some time and have played the demos, today, I see someone selling old CD copy of Battle for Normandy I assume (1.0) on ad site. I have not contacted the seller yet because I have read about the online activation system and I want to make sure of a few things. I want to enjoy the latest gameplay features as well as maps and mods so I plan to buy the upgrade to 3.0 I was wondering... What if the game is out of "activation"? Does that even matter if I buy the 3.0 upgrade and activate it with my new key? Do you even need to activate a game with 1.0 before activating 3.0? Thank you very much. -D.S.
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