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  1. Already done that (roughly 10GB download). Did not ask for activation code but immediately generates error code. When I look in the apps section of Win10 it has not installed properly. Uninstalled, tried again same problem. Repeat ad nauseum. I'm thinking its not uninstalling properly, but I don't know how to go about clearing the registry and I can't find anything in the registry with a cursory look. The all in one would be option 1) in my first post, no?
  2. I would like to bump this as I am getting this error on UI files. Here is what I have: 1) CM Normandy - v3.0 UPGRADE 2) Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy and finally 3) CM Normandy - v2.0 UPGRADE So three files and a clean computer running Win10. I do not want to unpack into the C drive due to issues with UAC so I won't be using the default locations. EXACTLY what do I have to install and in what order? I have uninstalled everything ready for a clean start. I have tried installing ONLY v3.0 upgrade and I have tried installing 2) then 3) then 1). In each case I get UI error. What am I doing wrong? They don't make it easy do they?
  3. DEP problem (as always). Forgot this issue. Solution is to install NOT into the default folder.
  4. I just bought this as a 'toe in the water' type experiment. I have Win10 64 bit and an Nvidia GTX460 card. Licensing went OK. On launch, I get a crash with a report saying "Could not initialise Direct3D Graphic". Anyone know what can be done?
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