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  1. 9 hours ago, LukeFF said:

    Hey guys, here's a bright idea: why don't you pay attention to the rules of the forum and keep the politics out of it?

    Here's a bright idea for you, why don't you quote what combatinfman said  that prompted our response? or are you not that bright? If the moderators aren't going to stop the stupid comments about lefties and liberals then we will respond. It's not the first time he's done it.

  2. 54 minutes ago, danfrodo said:

    Lefties hate the IDF?  I'm a lefty and have immense respect for the IDF (I've even been to Israel twice on business, amazing place, visited Masada).  That doesn't mean I agree with all Israeli policy, or all my own country's policies.

    Stringing up lefties?  You mean the ones who believe in an evidence-based world, not fairy tales?  The ones that know that climate change is real, as is evolution, and the world is not just 6000 years old, and that people with non-white skin are also people, as are women?   You mean them?   The ones that know that war is real and real people die in them (which is totally cool as long as it is not one's own precious self, yes?)?  The ones who actually know history because they read books instead of watching TV all day?   You mean those folks?  Some of them have a full lifetime of interest in military history and therefore love what CM offers.  Keep your insults to your f(*&ing self.  Let's stick to CM on this forum, there's folks of many differing views of the world here.

    Well said, So tired of trumpers. They turn any topic on any forum into attack on people who have different views. Even when the topic is just about a computer game they still have to spew their drivel.


  3. thanks kohl, the maps have been ready for a while just had to upload them. the hosingen map is sans cellars.i do have a cellar version but it's not quite ready. just hope somebody does some scenarios with them. maybe you could put up what mods you completed for the hosingen map.

    now i have to figure out what my next map projects are, wish bulge would come out.


  4. hey,borg send your message to this account. I can't log in as folkie on my home computer for some reason and can't change my password. anyway to answer your questions is a 4km by 4km of the south east part of malta centered around maxalokk. the map has the harbor, an airfield, and the wolsey battery is represented. there is no scenario, just the map so you can plan your own invasion via beach, airfield attack, harbor attack whatever you want to do. I just need to level some roads out to finish the map, but essentially it's done and waiting for somebody to do the scenario

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