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  1. All of the designer maps, and scenarios? Where are they?
  2. I have downloaded Nupremals world scenario, for WWI break Through, however I do not know , where or how to place the media download, all of my guessing is not working.
  3. I was not able to log into the helpdesk, but did get a personal email, showing that their response was being rejected by the system. The administrator John Costello helped me by bypassing where for whatever reason I could not get to the help desk with a tool via drop box. So in the end I did receive outstanding customer support that was far and above what a normal company would do! Craig S Sneed
  4. Thank you for your quick and kind response, When I filed two tickets I had not gotten any response till after your note here, I did get a personal email. When I try to log in on the help desk with my name and password the fields simply go blank. My order numbers are 296977 and 296956. I really wanted to replay these game but was upset by the theory I could re-download them and got a license error please contact the distributor. So I opened a ticket., no response. Then with no avail I figured screw , no response, I would just rebuy them. The first one global war works, the second break through does not. I am not looking for a refund , I just want to be able to play these great games again even if I did have to re-spend some money!
  5. I just re-Purchased breakthrough although I already own it and am supposed to be able to re-download it. However I got a license error and after over a week I got no response from a filed ticket. So I re-purchased the game and re-downloaded it get the sme GD license error. Spent another $25.00 for nothing and ideas on how to fix as Battlefront certainly is NOT responsive!
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