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  1. So having even a basic knowledge of MBT's will let you know that the loader only has acsess to a small number of rounds readily avaliable for the main gun.

    And after watching some of Chris's streams it frightens me to see AI gunners wasting these valuable rounds on single infantry.

    Is there any feature for a tank to pull back and have the crew restock ammo from the magazine? I don't think its out of the scope of a single battle for this to be possible. And it'd help reduce my constant fear of the AI wasting all its ammo.

    Side note: Is body armor modeled?

  2. when you talk about range, you're not talking about total range right? You're talking about accuracy at the same range, since it HMG is on a tripod, it is more stable, so it shoots more accurate over the same distance than a MMG would, is that what you're saying? To me, if it's not near a humble, it's just too heavy to be useful. It's a target once it starts shooting, and you can't pop it in and out at different places as easy so you lose that element of surprise. To me. It's not worth it. Just use more MMGs than 1 HMG.

    With a HMG you can engage from BEYOND ranges of what any small arm or mmg could hope to return fire. Thats the advantage, its a big round going very far that hurts very much.

  3. I can only speak for no. 4

    And what you see in videos from the middle east is a case of nothing threatening the helicopter, leaving it free to fly high and fire down on targets. Giving it a nice tight cluster like you say.

    But when you are in this environment, where AA and SAM launchers are everywhere. The choppers are forced to fly low, use tree lines or terrain as cover for pop-up attacks. Since they won't be up high the trajectory for the rounds will be flat and spread in a long line.

  4. Against an opponent like the Iraqi army where 95% of the shots by tanks missed even at close range its okay. But against a modern and even semi-competent armored opponent with lots of battle tanks wouldnt that be a problem for armor integrity if you're hit many times without penetration by powerful sabot rounds ?  sending the tank to the rear for lenghty repairs ? If you have one or two badly damaged tanks that's manageable but many of them would put a strain on the logisitic system and further delay their reintroduction into active service.

    If you are getting hit, you are doing something wrong. Armor that works is great, but you still want to avoid having to rely on it.

  5. I dont see why some sort of basic functionality afforded in every other strategy game ever is such a contreversy here.

    Theres a way to get this type of stuff to work, but it wont happen if people give it flak before it even has a chance to get out of the hangar.

    How about only recieving reports from hq units? "2nd platoon engaging armor" is better than nothing, and avoids having 4 squads report the same thing to you.

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