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  1. Hiya! I've been playing AoD now for a couple of weeks but the last few days I've been plagued by this bug that causes a CTD. So far it has always happened during the computers turn and it seems to occur after a few turns but I've yet to seen any pattern to it. I am using the AoD v1.03.1 Hotfix and no mods. Below is a picture of it:
  2. Darn,so I'm guessing no one has converted this awesome campaign. Since I haven't played it too much yet, many of the events and scripts are still surprises for me and I like that since it adds so much to gameplay. But if I was to start converting it myself I would have to go thru all of that and that would take some fun out of the gaming. Decisions, decisions, what to do? I'm going to wait a little longer before deciding and hope for the best.
  3. I'm a newcomer to these forums but been playing SC & SC2 for a long time. I recently bought the SCGC and loved the alternate history campaign Alliance of evil and been playing it as both sides but I wanted a bigger and more detailed world map so I bought AoC/AoD bundle just a few days ago. You can guess my disappointment when I noticed that there was no Alliance of evil campaign in AoD with the bigger map. So my question is if anyone has made a conversion of the Alliance of evil campaign to the big map of World at war campaign from AoD?
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