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  1. HI ToW 1 runs ok, but ALL games of ToW 2 do the same problem: - start the game ok, but when it finish to load the campaing, mission, etc... it crash to desktop. I have an APU AMD A10 6800k No problem with others games. All update. All patches. directx11 windows7 64 bits There are any solution or just erase the game?
  2. I had Directx 11 yet, and I CANT install 9... are you really a tech support? The real thing is thah I havent any poroblem with no other game. Just with that game. There are a lot of entrys with the same problem. Do you have rally a solution, or are you waste my time? because the "update to DirectX9" is a imposible path. I just erase the direct11, and now I trying to fix all the disaster.
  3. ToW 1 runs ok, I just play with it. My problem is only with -ToW 2... Its a good clue? need help. thanks
  4. Yes, Im running the last Catalyst driver. Yes, the same, I bought them in a pack, in Gamersgate. I have Avast antivirus, but I trayed to play without it, not only turning it off. I installed, erase, and try, I all posoble ways, without patchs, with them... In another forum, people say to turn off 3 cores CPU, the hyperthreading in Bios... hard case this one...
  5. After 2 days trying... I start to think that ToW has problems with windows 7 64 bits... without solve.
  6. And when I have it with XP, I played ToW with a laptop, with worse integrated video card... and runs! Maybe could be a problem with win 7 64bits? Thanks anyway... Im a little frustrated.
  7. No, It´s a new computer,APU AMD A10 6800 quad core, a desktop computer.It has an integrated video card, but its a good one, it runs Total War 2, for example or Arma2 without problems... Driver, AMD Radeon. I just tryed with ToW2:Kursk, Africa, and Caen, and always the same problem. It runs ok in the initial options, but when I chose a battle or a campaing, it crash to desktop when finish the load.
  8. Hi, Tow rans perfectly on win xp, but now in windows 7 64bits dont. When I start a Campaing or a mission, it load, but whet the load finish, it crash toi desktop... I was ran it by administrator, turn off all antivirus, etc. And ran it with XP sp2 compatibility too, and nothing. The same with all the pack I was purchased (Africa, Caen,...) Sorry for my broken english, Ist not my native idiom. Thanks in advance.
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