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  1. Thanks again for your response, while I have you here, sorry to go off topic and don't want to offend anyone with posting about a different game but have you ever played Panzer Elite?
  2. Thanks for your response, not sure the distributor but on the box it says, Strategy First, IDDK, crazy house, and battlefront.com which is how I wound up at this site. I only play single player campaigns but think I got tricked on this one, the box says "18 campaigns" but when I start a campaign there is only 1, do they mean 1-18 mission campaign, if so then I am gonna be pissed even if it was only $1. Also you have to be a computer science major to figure out the mission editor. Should I have just spent the extra money and bought Balkans?
  3. Anyone play this game, picked it up for a dollar and figured I can't lose. I think I just may have though. Tough to navigate around this tank. And does anyone know if there are any patches/ user made campaigns for this game. I see it is closely related to t-72 Balkans and can find very little to no info on this game at all.
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