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  1. Thanks everybody (herr_oberst, poesel71, Phil) for the input and for the suggestions. After getting a green light from Phil for changing the permissions within the app, I did what poesel71 described in his post (using the information window is of course much easier than using the command line). everything works now as expected! I don't know if Stormcrow_UK, the thread starter, is still having this problem and reading the conversation, but I can tell you: do what poesel71 describes in post #16 and you're good. Now you have to excuse me, gentlemen, I have a war to fight!
  2. Hm, are you by any chance using your administrator account as your user account? Or has your user account administration privileges? Another test today (starting a CW battle) showed that the CW modules are also inaccessible for the application, resulting in an empty battlefield (no icons, no tanks, no soldiers were visible). No surprise, given that the modules folder has the 'wrong' ownership, too. Like you, Herr Oberst, I installed CMBN and CW in the default location ('/Applications/CM Battle for Normandy/'), the installer reported no problem whatsoever. I had to enable the installation with the administrator password, so the installer had system privileges to copy the files into /Applications. But this is the way it's supposed to be. Nothing unusual. Every other installer does and requires the same procedure. It just can't be right, that the ownership of the files within the CM application must match my account user. This contradicts the concept of multiple user accounts accessing and using the /Applications folder. Phil, I reckon that developing for the Mac OS platform is fundamentally different from developing for Windows. But every other software (including games from Steam, the App Store and other sources) I'm using on my mac works without having problems with access privileges. I can't accept that this problem should be the fault of the OS. There must be a flaw in the way CMBN accesses it's application folder contents. I'm following Battlefront since the first CM, bought CMBB and CMAK and really enjoy CMBN. And I thank everybody at Battlefront for bringing CM to the Mac OS platform! So I really hope that there is a solution for this problem!
  3. Just a "heads up" for interested parties... I changed the ownership of the new scenario files to match the older ones in the Scenario folder by using command line magic ("sudo chown <username> CW*"). Afterwards the scenarios were available in the game! There definitely is something wrong with the file ownership and/or file permissions. I also added this information in the ticket.
  4. After purchasing and installing Commonwealth Forces today, I have exactly the same problem. Ticket is FPW-807302. I took a look at the file permissions in the scenario and campaign folder and this really seems to be a permission and/or ownership problem. CW files are owned by root user, whereas CM:BN files are owned by the account user (me). Hope the support finds a solution for this...
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