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  1. Just got myself the latest iMac (20"/2.7Ghz/4GB/1TB) that has an AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphics processor with 512MB of GDDR5. I go to play CMBN and low and behold, invisible soldiers! Others so far have mentioned this problem with Lion however I'm running Mac OS 10.6.6 on this Mac. Interestingly, my MacBook Pro which has a AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1GB chipset and is running 10.6.7 has no such issue. I've yet to do graphic configuration testing but will do so to see if I can get my army to de-cloak!
  2. Thanks for the prompt replies. To clarify the problem (and what I've done to get around it): - the crash occurs during replay, regardless of whether played at normal speed or fast forwarded - if on my turn (immediately preceding the problem turn) I don't change any commands, but simply save the file and send to my son, the resulting replay still causes a crash - the one thing that might be having an impact (as already pre-commanded a couple of turns before) is that the Howitzers kick in during the turn One further question: can games created by the demo be continued in the full version?
  3. Hi, I just came across CM:BFN in the past couple of months and thought I would try it out given the PBEM option. Using the Demo, I started playing Busting the Bocage against my son (using PBEM) and after about 6 turns, it was starting to get very interesting (partly due to the stage of the encounter, but also we were starting to learn to use our forces more effectively). However, after my last turn, my son opened the file and about 75% during the replay, the game crashes. After some testing, we discover the crash happens irrespective whether the file is opened on our iMac (circa 2008), a 2011 13" MacBook, or a 2011 15" MacBook Pro. It sometimes crashes in slightly different points during the replay but crash it does.... :-( Reading through this thread, this seems to be a common experience for many and I'm sure that the underlying bug has been determined (advised by Phil Culliton?). If so, has an updated demo been released? (From the hosting servers, they all seem to have the original version.) I'm very interested in this game and thinking of a purchase of the full thing, however I have a concern that the first significant thing I try with the demo causes crashing.
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