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  1. andrewrw

    Transferring Licence

    Doesn't seem to work as my licence key only seems to let me redownload the mac version. Where can I download the PC version from?
  2. Hello. I purchased CM Normandy for the Mac a few years ago. However I have recently changed my computer and gone back to Windows. Is there a way to get my licence transferred to a PC one or do I have to buy a whole new game?
  3. Hello all. I bought the game for Mac when it first came out and everything worked fine. However I haven't run the game for a while and when I went to play it today I got an error message. The message reads: Error Detected Unable to load the license for this application. Please contact your vendor for assistance. Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to fix it. Thanks
  4. andrewrw

    Mac Pre order Query

    Thanks for that. What a great site. I am based in the UK so it turns out there is no customs duty to pay but there is VAT at 20%. So with shipping that takes a £40 game up to £58 (VAT is nearly £10) Unfortunately for me that is getting to be too expensive so I think I will just be downloading the game when it comes out and reading the manual on my Ipad.
  5. andrewrw

    Mac Pre order Query

    Thanks for that. My thread seems to have been hijacked but can I ask how I would find out if there will be duty to pay. Cost is mounting up already so don't want to be hit with more.
  6. Hello all. I would like to preorder the limited edition Mac version but I am wondering how I know that I will actually get allocated a LE version. I only ask as the postage to the UK is $20 and while I accept I have to pay that for the steel case and manual that comes with the LE, I don't want to if I am not going to get those as the price is not changed if you don't get the LE version. Thanks Andrew