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  1. Thanks for the reply Strategic! That makes sense. Getting the hang of these HQs is important piece towards winning this game so that was rely helpful! I also noticed that even when I flanked the CPU and got a shot on his HQ's (or Aerial strike), they were actually a lot tougher than I was expecting. I had an upgraded tank unit get a bloody nose trying to hit one once. I dont recall tank supply, terrain, etc., exactly so it might have been a combination of things but their tougher than you'd expect! In any case, thanks again, --AOM
  2. Actually, one more question regarding HQs: (3) Is there any combat calculation difference for combat units attached to a strength 10 HQ vs. a strength 5 HQ? I didn't seem to notice any supply or experience difference. Thanks, --AOM
  3. So, I understand HQ's can control up to 5 units within 5 radius. I have 2 questions: (1) It appears that mountains block this range? Is this correct? I was playing Robert Carver's very fun 1948 World At War scenario for Gold Expansion and noticed that my American units trying to make his way to France to rejoin the American forces and thought he would be able to get signal from here: (Will he have contact with the HQ when he reached Milan? There are no other American HQs in Europe at the start of this scenario.) (2) Second question, does the distance between the HQ and the supported unit matter with regards to the "bonus" an HQ gives to a subordinate? I know about the supply degradation, but does the distance between an HQ and a unit otherwise make any difference for HQ or combat bonuses? Thanks for any help, and also thanks to Robert Carver for a fun fictional "total war" scenario that doesn't involve the Axis and typical 1939 opening but is still a World War type scenario. Fun alternative for me. I also liked the other alt nation/world war combinations included in the campaigns of Gold and Democracy. Thanks all, --AOM
  4. gkopchuk, Play as allies with fog of war off, then try and mimic the moves you see in another game where you play axis. This helps get a feel for opening moves. Assuming you play on beginner with no no AI xp bonus to start with you should be in pretty good shape. Fog of war is one of the toggles on the options screen when you start a game, or can also be done in game under options if "allow game changes" is set to "on" when the game is first created. You can do the same in reverse of course and I recommend it. By the time you've played both ways and noted what worked well against you, then you should have no problem with FoW back on on and defeating the AI on beginner from either side.. Glad to see some new players, --AOM
  5. I've started playing the Axis of Evil scenario for a change up (playing as Allies ~Japan, US, UK), and I had the event of Seoul losing supply and the strength hit on my Japanese Armies/HQ that are on the peninsula. Just curious, what real world impact is this reflecting? It seems to me that I would be able to set up an almost constant transport supply chain from Hiroshima or Japanese mainland and Seoul/Korean peninsula? It certainly is making me lean towards just surrendering Korea to the Russians rather than the constant drain on MPPs to keep the troops there healthy. Is it just a way to open the possibility of Russia taking Seoul? Certainly without this hit it would be near impossible for Russia to get the necessary forces to take it because of the one square choke point. Just curious. I'm excited about WWI btw! --AOM
  6. First off let me just say how much I have enjoyed Strategic Command over the last few years. I think I have purchased just about every iteration of Hubert’s games* and have gotten countless hours of enjoyment from them (and the community AARs and forum boards actually!). There is no doubt in my mind that the only other games that have absorbed as much of my life are such classics as X-com, Fallout, Baldurs Gate, Mass Effect, and a few others but honestly, in terms of enjoyment received and time spent playing, HC’s games are right up there with some major heavy hitters. While WWI doesn’t strike me as a particularly exciting period, I trust in HC’s work and will very likely buy a copy. Not being much of a grognard, I thought WWI was mostly trench warfare punctuated by moments of non-exploited tech advances (tanks, chemical warfare, machine gun, etc..) My future feature request for consideration would be to have a button that brought up the historical background behind some of the options or events that trigger. For example, the other day I was playing and I triggered “Operation Drumbeat” because my axis subs started raiding along the USA east coast. I had no idea. I googled it and read more about it on wikipedia and was really surprised/intrigued. Another one was the whole Fort Du Prince (?) option for 450mps with regard to a small island that held the French treasury after France fell. Another bit I had no idea about and was intrigued to read about. I would prefer if it could happen in-game though. It would be nice though to have a historical button that brought up some pictures/text regarding the event similar to what might be pulled from a public info site. It might talk about the historical choice made for say India/Governor/Congress declares war on axis event, as well as hints on the effects or repercussions of the non-historical choice. My last point is that occasionally I would do something that triggered a volatile or strong reaction. The problem is that I had no idea it would occur. It might be nice to have a minister or intelligence officer who could assist and say “Sir, are you sure you wish to launch an attack against X? It is likely that the USA will view an invasion of X with great alarm...” For others, a toggle would turn off advisor comments. In any case, thank you HC and I look forward to your future releases! --AOM *I think the only one I missed was Pacific Command. Not sure why. I find it humorous that when I played Global Command my Axis-German plans were a well choreographed series of lightning attacks while my Japanese strategy is clearly a floundering pile of poo of half-starts and stops. Heh.
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