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  1. Hi, just a curiosity : The AI choose autonomously when and where use the artillery? Or is scripted ( set by designer ) ? Thanks.
  2. I totally agree. The best thing would be able to "fire" a trigger based on unit spotting. I believe that the lack of trigger very penalizing the game. In this way Artificial Intelligence is now blind.
  3. Hi all, someone know if it will ever be implemented the possibility to use "trigger" in scenario design? Thanks
  4. Sounds interesting. Yes, i'm only interested at the maps, but i need all maps of all campaigns. I'll look in the QB maps to see if are there all the maps that i need. If someone knows, could confirm that all Maps of Campaigns are included in the QB Folder? Thanks alot
  5. Ok, thanks. Then, could Battlefront release to the public the campaign maps? If this is not possible, someone know a way to recreate a topographic map starting from the 3d view of the game? I know, probably i'm asking the impossible....but i try Thanks for the help
  6. Hi all, the maps used in the various campaigns (Thunder,NATO;Marines;British) are avalaible to be opened in the editor? I need it because only in the editor I can see the elevation, and from this information i'm able to recreate a topographic map. Thanks
  7. Thanks to all for the answers, now things are more clear. This applies also to my unit when i play Iron mode? I try to explain better : Unit A (blue force) start moving to x location,the unit has a good communication with Platoon HQ(radio + FPDA). From the point of view of Platoon HQ after a while the unit A disappear, after which it reappear but i can see only the symbol "?", and never more the exact symbol of unit type. Is this correct?
  8. Hi all, could someone indicate to me some link that explain The C2 feature? I read the manual, but after a lot of test in game (Iron skill) i'm really confused. It seem to me that the information sharing is never updated. Example : Unit A spot an enemy, the unit have a good communication with Platoon HQ, after a while the HQ acquires the signal but he never know what type of enemy Unit A have spotted, from HQ perspective i can only see the "?" marker. Is working as intended? Thanks in advance to everyone who may help me, and sorry for my english.
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