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  1. thanks for the help. I got the upgrade and I am back up and running
  2. thanks for your response. I've had this game battle for Normandy for a number of years but was having trouble with my computer and had to reinstall everything. I got this message after I reinstalled the game both with and without the patch. how do I get 4.0 upgrade?
  3. I'm getting this message when I try to play the game "License failure game engine 4 is required" I have downloaded the patch and extracted it into the game program but still getting this message. any help would be gratefully received
  4. Thanks Wicky, that sorted it your a star I'm such a technophobe
  5. Just purchased cmbn, downloaded it and installed but when I try to open the program my computer can not find " cm Normandy exe" Anybody got any ideas what I've done wrong
  6. After finnishing the first battle in a campaign I receive the victory message, but when I try to continue onto the next battle I end up back to the first one?
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