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  1. thanks for the answer. But as I said I did download the fixed campaign from the repository and played it but still got the same problem. I had to ceasefire, and even though all enemys had been eliminated, the victory conditions did not trigger and I lost the battle.
  2. HI all. I encountered a problem with the marines mission afternoon delight. as mentionned in previous threads. even though i killed every single enemy units , I still cannot win since the syrian side gets 2000 points as friendly fire. I have CMSF plus all the extension installed. I played the mission twice. once with the normal campaign and once agin after downloading the "fixed" campaign that can be found in the repository. Do you guys have an idea of how I could fix this and actually get a win for this mission? cheers
  3. thanks for all the suggestions. I think that wego is better to manage that many units otherwise i will have to pause all the time, but since it is not available online i guess i will have to go RT or PBEM. problem is that australia does not offer much in terms of upload and download so I am not sure i could play a lot if i have to send big files over the internet for every turn... I thought a landlord was the appropriate term to designate the owner of the house in which you rent a flat. i am not a native speaker but I am pretty sure that it is the word commonly used in the UK and in Australia. are blue vs red games fun or do they heavily favor blue? I am thinking i should maybe wait for normandy now... unless it comes out too buggy as CMSF was at the beginning (or so I read). thanks again for all the comments.
  4. HI, thanks for the answer. I do not have any special reason to use hamachi, it is just that I found it easy to use since i am not particularly good at computer. My question regarding the crossover cable is that I thought it would be simpler than fiddling with the internet. The other reason is that my brother and I are going to be together at xmas for a couple of weeks ; ordinarily I am in australia and he is in japan. I read a lot of bad report about MP and CMSF, so i was just wondering if it was worth getting it for him. I should mention here that he does not have control on his router as he is getting internet through his landlord. but anyway, since neither of us are good with computers, i do not think we would be able to go through a port-forwarding process if it was required. Also i have to say that i prefer turn-based than real time, but i guess i could get use to the realtime. Why doesn't mp works turn-based, by the way?
  5. Thanks, if anybody has tried either hamachi or the crossover setup, i would be very grateful for the feedback. if I have the feeling that it is worth it, i will definitely offer the full monty (CMSF, marines and british) to my brother for xmas. another question comes up as well. has anybody tried blue vs blue. Is it balanced (I am afraid that blue vs red heavily favors blue)? and which scenarii do you recommend if any? there must be some thread somewhere i guess, but you might be able to direct me to them. cheers
  6. HI, I have two questions regarding MP. 1) I haven't played CMSF online yet, but i get the feeling that it is not very easy and not very stable either. I usually use Hamachi when i want to play online games (mainly HOI2) do you know if hamachi work with CMSF? 2) I was thinking of offering the game to my brother for xmas and try to play with him by directly connecting or cpus with a crossover cable and creating a lan. has anybody tried that before and would it work? thanks in advance
  7. HI, i have shock force and marines. I am thinking of getting the british extension as well. should i wait and update to 1.20 once i have british or can i update SF+ marines first and once i have british update again with the appropriate patch. how does it work? cheers.
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