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  1. I just recently went through the same thing. Here's how I solved it, with help from previous threads. Alter the shortcut for CMBB to be something more like this: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start "CMBB" /affinity 1 "D:\Program Files (x86)\CMBB\Barbarossa to Berlin.exe" Change the location of the executable to wherever you have it installed. Also, run it as administrator with Windows XP SP2 compatibility. 2nd, once you get into the game (for me, all the way into the 3D map), hit your "Windows" key. The game should go out of the forefront. Alt-tab back to it, and hopefully the framerate will be good. Note that others have just been able to alt-tab. I can't, because it crashes on me every time. The windows key works fine though. Hope this works for you!
  2. I'm a little confused.... When I go to add the gold bundle to my cart, it then shows me only one delivery option, and the cost of $70.... though the price of the bundle says $45. Surely this is a mistake. No DL option for preorder? $25 s/h?
  3. Cool, thx for the update! More to ponder to help me decide which version to get...
  4. Hi, I've been intrigued by your A3R mods, but I don't own any of the versions of SC that you've done it for. Are there any screenshots or AARs with screenies in them that show your work? Thanks!
  5. Could someone who's played the ATR mod by Bill Macon answer some questions please ;-) I don't have PDE, but am considering purchasing it. First, is the map different than the standard SC2 European Theater map? I'm not real fond of the "squished" look of the standard one, and was wondering if it looks more natural. Secondly, does the AI play a good game? Is it fun to play on either side? Thanks!
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