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  1. Thanks a lot guys. exactly what I expected, licenses/activation most probably lost/invalid. Ticket submitted, 4 actually SF + 3 modules, sigh 🙂 cheers walter
  2. Hi folks, as title says, I am running out of options trying to install/un/license CMSF. Have tried all suggestions from the help desk, turned off Anti virus (Eset NOD32 ), re/uninstalling CMSF + Marines maybe 6 times now, but always ending up with the same dilemma: As soon as I start the unlicensing process it just brings up a new eLicense screen resulting in "no more licenses available" ( or similar text ). My guessing is, that essentially, from the systems point of view, its working perfectly well as I probably had activated the game more than once since I ordered it 11 years ago ! Problem is I don't have any of those old "systems" at hand anymore as the drive with the installed game was just plugged to the newer motherboards several times and got reactivated or reinstalled without being unlicensed anytime at all ( even read the first time of this option yesterday ;-\ ). Preordered CMSF on 3rd July 2007 for download and mail delivery, Order No: 152891 System: Win10/64 Pro Is there a way to unlicense the game anyway ? Or even better, to swap the installer/license system to the newer online licensing system ? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance. walter
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