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  1. Hi. I crearia a complete building....I want to create a bunker. It is posible? Thx
  2. Hi all. I want to create new constructions for ToW. ¿ As is he manner? Thx!
  3. Hi all I do not find the soldiers's skins.....My route is : Models\human\sk 0 and I do not find archives .tga,...is one problem! helpme
  4. Very well theme solved!! Thx friends!
  5. I have changed the extension, but I keep on without aftermath. ¿can You explain to me accurately like to rename archives? Thx!
  6. I am attempting opening archives .tga in Photoshop and it is impossible . I have once the invidia was installed tools and when I attempt opening it he tells me that it is impossible ....¿Where this one the error? thx
  7. Once created a complete model with 3D Max,¿What tool do I need to convert that file and acquaintance for ToW? Thx
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