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  1. Yes, I believe so. I don't recall adding it, and when I placed the Vin text file in the created Z folder, it displayed icons for each unit, overriding the text display I had. The purpose of asking about this originally was to make sure my opponent had what I had, and apparently he also had the text display as well from the v4 upgrade to the game. The "text" display can be confused with the apparently earlier mod called the Vin text, which is iconic.
  2. Thanks. I wanted to get it for an opponent, but he has it already. Actually, I don't recall how I got it myself, and what I see if confusing. If you wouldn't mind, for future reference, what do I do with these files, in case I need to reinstall the game?
  3. Oops, the file isn't there anymore. Got another location?
  4. A few years ago someone offered a mod or app that displayed the activities of units in green text on the lower left of the map screen, such as if they were spotting or moving when you clicked on each unit, and showed what each soldier in a squad or other type of unit was doing at the time. Does anyone know how to find this file on a computer or where it can be downloaded?
  5. The manual states that you will see the point values of units in the unit selection process when using the editor, presumably what you would also see in a QB, but without purchase limitations. I do not see this in the editor, just the usual information about standard or common units, but no point values for them in order to create a balanced game. Why can't I see the point values?
  6. Here's what I did, if you can find what is wrong. Open scenario ed> loaded meet large hills QB-108> selected one Battalion each for Allied and Axis> saved file in QB folder as QB-108 as QB> opened QB folder and selected this file, selected meet, combat force mix for US and Germans, unit purchase as human for both sides> select meet large hills QB-108 as QB> hit fight> chose Allied force, 2 player email> enter password> QB 001shows as the save file>OK> email save failed, could not be created in the outgoing email directory.
  7. Thanks, I'll give this a try to see if it will work for altering a QB map for PBEM.
  8. Although I somehow managed to make a playable hot seat file from a QB map, it does appear that altered QB maps, or even scenario maps can't be saved as PBEM files. I've tried many combinations, including saving them and exporting them to the QB folder, changing the file extension, etc. The purpose of asking the question is to find a way to have more units available to deploy in QB games, besides getting rid of rarity or increasing force adjustment, which only affects one side in PBEM. In a regular CMBN game, my opponent and I would like to have huge maps with huge forces to deploy. If anyone knows a way around this, a reply would be appreciated.
  9. I've tried opening QBs in the editor, editing the map and units for both sides, and saving them back in the QB folder. However, when I reopen them, the file cannot be saved for PBEM. There must be some conflict when changing the original file. This also happens when I make a new map, save it as a QB file in the QB folder, but it cannot be saved as a PBEM file after it is opened. Perhaps this is the problem, no able to save as PBEM playable?
  10. When I try to save modified scenario as a QB file, it will not save the game for PBEM. Is the scenario editor only for campaigns?
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